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Rio and david Rio and david about 1 hour
Natalia and graham Natalia and graham about 1 hour
Robin and tim Robin and tim about 1 hour
Peaches pete Peaches pete about 1 hour
Donna jo partners Donna jo partners about 1 hour
Carly and mark Carly and mark about 1 hour
Cate and kaz Cate and kaz about 1 hour
Keira lee Keira lee about 1 hour
Angel fraser Angel fraser about 1 hour
Shelly alan hm2 Shelly alan hm2 about 1 hour
Lucy lee chub Lucy lee chub 43 minutes
India Marco India Marco 43 minutes
Sarah and jay Sarah and jay about 1 hour
Taylor pete Taylor pete 42 minutes
Luxi and mark Luxi and mark 42 minutes
Jemstone jules Jemstone jules 41 minutes
Kirsty chris Kirsty chris 41 minutes
Melissa and joe Melissa and joe 40 minutes
Rosa jamie Rosa jamie 39 minutes
Lorna and leon Lorna and leon 40 minutes
Lolly and mick Lolly and mick 39 minutes
Isabel kenny Isabel kenny 39 minutes
Clair paul Clair paul 39 minutes
Angie jay Angie jay 39 minutes
Michelle sensi Michelle sensi 39 minutes
Karina arran Karina arran 39 minutes
Foxy Jay Foxy Jay 38 minutes
Mel bill Mel bill 38 minutes
Keri kiwi Keri kiwi about 1 hour

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