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Phattys Rhymes And Dimes #11

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Scene 1: Even though it’s her first time, Christina Copa Feel shows no camera shyness. She teases B.Pumper and his POV camera showing off her thick, round, and juicy ass. Rubbing on her tits, playing with her tight pussy, she says she knows she has a phatty. And on top of that she tells how she has the tightest wettest pussy. Surprisingly Christina has the head skills of a pro, keeping Pumpers cock hard and wet. Pumper proceeds to jabbing this rookie’s pussy from every angle as she moans and screams the whole way through. Scene 2: Ivy Bobbi sexy in the face and thick in the waist. She is no stranger to the dick. B. Pumper gets her hot and wet by tongue fucking her pussy as her body twist and contorts. Ivy then hops on the dick and takes a massive pounding while he lifts her in the air. This dime loves to rides rods from the front, side and the back. The only time Ivy stops bouncing is to pull the dick out of her pussy and slob it down for the next ride. The action ends with her taking his load in her mouth, and swallowing every drip drop. Scene 3: B. Pumper asks her how she got the name Ms Milky. She says her pussy is not only wet, but its “milky”. She is new to the scene but doesn’t hesitate to take his dick and thrust it into her mouth. Pumper then has her get on all fours and proceeds to jab his tongue in and out of her pussy from the back. Pumper then pounds her round meaty ass from the back as she moans with her head buried in the couch. He continues by pile driving her as she spreads her now dripping wet pussy for the POV camera to see. Ms Milky then begs to sit on his dick and does so while sitting sideways. The scenes ends with Ms Milky sucking Pumpers cock until her eyes roll to the back of her head before swallowing cum. Scene 4: Scene opens with Raquel Shanice showing her skills as a dancer as she slides down the pole. Not long after sucking his pole, B Pumper begins pounding her visibly creamy pussy from the back. Raquel is a sexy moaning freaky talker that knows what she wants. Pumper gives it to her just how she likes it from every which way. Which includes pile driving her from the standing position? Raquel takes dick like a champion. Scene 5: Lisa Lips starts the scene by playing with herself as her tight perfectly shaven pussy begs to be rammed by B Pumpers stiff dick. She then hops on it and proceeds to ride Pumper reverse cowgirl style while licking those sexy lips, playing with her clit and showing the POV camera how her tits bounce. Lisa sucks and strokes his dick until his dick cums and runs down her mouth.

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