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Sex POV #8

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Sex POV #8 front


Maybe You Can Make One Of My Fantasies Come True I've been feeling pretty lonely lately. Your Dad hardly pays any attention to me no matter how sexy I dress. I don't know how you feel about this but I am going to say it anyway: it's been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a younger guy. I don't even know how to approach anyone with this thought. You have always been really nice to me. You are a better step-son than most of my girlfriends’ real sons. We get along so well I figured it would benefit us both to share this experience. I'll start, okay? First let's unzip your pants so I can kiss your beautiful young penis. Mmm, you taste really good. As I strip out of my clothes you come here and plant little kisses all over my body until you get to my private part. Oh yes, please kiss me there with your warm tongue. Make my pussy wet so you can enter me comfortably. That's it, climb on top and look at me as you fuck me. I want to see your pleasure. Make sure you don't cum inside me. Pull out and let it go on my belly. Oh wow! That was so nice. You made your step-mother very happy and from the look of your load on my belly, you are very happy to. Welcome Home From Work I'm so glad you are finally home from work. You must be so tired from a long day at the office. I know how much you like it when I dress up for you. Do you like this long sheer robe and new shoes? I know you want to worship my beautiful size 10 feet don’t you? Go ahead and lick my soft soles then work your way up my long legs because we both know what comes next. Your Father Knows I Need More I'm glad your Dad is out of town because this gives us a chance to talk. Don't be shy, come closer. Soon, your father and I will be married and I will move in here to live with you both. I've never been a step-mom before and am looking forward to spending time with you a lot more. We should get one thing out of the way though while you father is gone. I notice you stare quite often at my cleavage. I don't mind that you look, in fact it turns me on. I am a very sexual woman who needs more than one man can possibly handle. You see where I am going with this? You're over eighteen so you can act as an adult and do as you please. I am saying that I want to fuck you, a lot, whenever your Dad is away. He can't keep up with my urges so I need a young strong guy like you to satisfy me. You do want me to, don't you? Let me see your big dick. It will be fun, don't worry. Your cock feels so good in my hands. Do you like the way I touch it? I want to show you my huge tits that you are always staring at. Pretty soon I will be your step-mom and I want you to call me Mommie. Would you like Mommie to suck your cock? Let me make it wet so you can slide it in between my big titties. Do you like how soft and warm they feel? Do you like titty fucking your new soon-to-be Mommie? You should see how wet my pussy is for you. Get used to how good I smell because you are going to crave me as much as I crave that cock of yours already. Lie down so I can mount you and bounce up and down on that big young thing. Watch my big titties bounce as you fuck me harder and harder until I cum. Oh, I needed that cum so bad. Fuck my titties now until you cum on them. Frost my titties with your cream. Oh, what a nice big load! I can tell we're going to have so much fun living together. My Husband Cheated, Well So Will I You don't know me but your wife knows my husband, which is why I am here. I found sexting messages on his phone from your wife. They are having an affair. I felt it only fair that I come here in person to tell you. I am so pissed right now that the only thing I can think of to do is get revenge if your down to do it. I am so serious. I want to fuck you and see how it's going to make our spouses feel when they find out. Come on, let's go to your bedroom and have a quickie. I want to feel what it's like to be a cheater, plus now that I've seen you I am definitely horny. I'll suck you before you give me a good ramming. Oh yes, fuck me deep and think of your wife taking my husbands dick deep in her. Give me that grudge fuck! Pull out and get your face down in my pussy. Taste what our sex tastes like. You like that smell of us? I want you to look into my eyes as you fuck me. Spray me with you cheating seed all over my big tits!

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