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Sex POV #4

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Sex POV #4 front


My English Is Not So Good I had so much fun with you at that dance club. The way you moved your body made me so horny. I will be honest, my English is not so good but I know something that is good. I want to make fuck with you. Isn’t that what people do here in America when they are attracted to each other? Let's make fuck. I Have Always Had A Thing For You I can't tell you enough how glad I am that we got paired up for this science project because I really want a perfect grade in class this semester. Who knew college science could get so complex? It's really great you have the space at your house for us to study. Are you seeing what I'm seeing in this microscope? Hey, what are you staring at? Well, you know, I've always had a thing for you, which is one more reason why I'm so glad we are working together. I'll bet we can work well together in another way. You're so smart and sexy. I have so many bad and naughty things I want to do to you. Come over here with me. I've waited for this moment a long time and can hardly wait to feel your cock in my hands, mouth and pussy. Oh God yes, it's exactly as I imagined, perfect. You feel so amazing inside my tiny pink pussy. You're making me cum so good! Are you going to give me your cum? Shoot it all over my plump ass. Oh God! Look at that huge load! We make great partners don't we? Hey, are you listening to me? Hey, hey! If we want to pass this class we have to get to serious work now don't we? I'm So Horny And Happy You're Here You know exactly how to please me but I am going to tell you what to do to me today. First nibble lightly on my neck then kiss me all the way down to my nipples. Mmmm, yes, now bit my nipple and flick your tongue on it. Oh, I can see you getting hard for me. Bring that big dick of yours closer so I can stroke it. Oh wow, you have pre-cum for me, let me lick it off. You taste so good I want to suck it for a minute. Bring that big hard dick over here and slap my ass with it. Oh, I love the sound of your meaty dick slapping my tight ass. Bite my ass flesh lightly. I can't wait any longer, slide that rock hard cock of yours in my little wet hole. Oh God, yes, fuck me nice and slow as you look into my eyes. I love this. I know you like me doggystyling best so I'm going to flip over now but only if you fill me up with your warm cum. Please make a mess inside my little tight pussy. Oh, I felt it! I love being injected with your seed. Now let's have a nap so we can wake up and fuck again later. Studying Sex With Big Stepbrother Thanks for helping me with history homework, big brother. I really can't stand studying but having you with me helps. Shouldn't you be looking at my book instead of me? Why are you looking at me so much? Oh, I think I know. You are remembering when we used to play show and tell when we were young. Well now that we are over eighteen, we can do more than just looking if you want. Come here and let me show you. Just promise me you won't tell my mom or your dad about this. We're only step -related but still, if they knew we were fooling around they would probably kick us both out of the house. How does my hand feel on your dick big brother? Can I taste it to? I'm so glad we're finally able to do this. You want to see what perfect boobs I've grown? Perfect "C" cups. Put your soft mouth on them and nibble, I really like that. It makes my little pussy wet. You want to see all of my body? OK, if you let me suck your big dick again. Let's sixty-nine and lick each other at the same time. Now that my pussy is wet, stick your cock inside. Oh yes, fuck me hard! This is so wrong to be fucking me but I don't care. Oh wow, you're ready to bust your nut? I want you to spray your load on my ass. I want to feel the warm cum run down my ass cheek. Oh yes! I like the feel of your cum all over my little ass! This is my kind of study time. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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