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Ties That Bind (Wasteland)

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Consequences: The rings that held her in place clanked together - it was almost musical as it filled the room. In fact Lilly noticed that it was the only sound in the room. How she wished he would talk to her. Tell her she was bad, or good, or something. Instead, all she could hear were the rings. The ropes tightened around her body, the hot wax made her skin feel tight. The flogger broke though the wax that now covered her body. Yet the thing she felt the most was the large cold metal dildo inserted deep into her ass. What was going to happen? What did he want? Bamboo Prison: Nyssa always seems to find herself in hot water. She loves submitting and pushing herself, letting her Master test her and see just how far she can go. Her lines between pain and pleasure always seem so blurred, but then out of nowhere comes the world crushing orgasm - that always makes everything so worthwhile. On The Ropes!: In this double feature film, Master Shadrack invites Ashley Fires into his dungeon to play with two of his female submissives. The first part has the two gals tied back-to-back on a bondage bench with their arms suspended above, leaving them very vulnerable to slapping, flogging, cropping and tickling which really get their attention! As a reward, Ashley and Shadrack bring them both to screaming orgasms. In the second part, just one of the slaves remains and is treated to a full 360 degree rotating inverted suspension expertly performed by Master Shadrack while Ashley administers an enthusiastic series of impact play. After the slave completes the full suspension rotation, she is rewarded with a highly energetic orgasm while still in full Shibari suspension. Gia's Pleasure: Gia loves that thudding sound as the flogger impacts with her skin. Her body moves to meet the tails as they criss cross her body. But David has an arsenal of sensations in his repertoire and Gia is lucky enough to experience them all. Lighter Side Of Desire: Ok, this one is hot - hot bondage, hot and hard fucking, you just can't go wrong. We were lucky enough to work with lifestyle couple Dick and Daisy and their sexual chemistry just jumps out at you. I really don't know what else to say about this except you HAVE to watch it!

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