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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Katie K
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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Katie K back
The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Katie K front


Katie K. has a nice, bubbly personality and she likes to chat to the camera. She seems to delight in the fact that she is about to do something “very cheeky” by giving herself an orgasm and letting us watch it! Katie gets undressed on camera and coyly turns around to remove her bra saying “I’m not going to let you see!” But, of course, she does! And she discusses the fact that she thinks her breasts have actually grown lately – because they just feel bigger in her hands! She has quite the personality. After she removes her boots, she turns around to pull off her jeans and shakes her bum for the camera! Katie lets us know that she’s already really wet because she has been watching videos – and she says she really, really genuinely likes porn. She reaches for a pocket rocket and runs it over her nipples and across her tummy. With her panties still on, she uses the toy on her pussy and clit. She notes that she is so horny! She finally removes her panties to reveal a completely shaved pussy, except for the Brazilian air strip at the top. She describes her wetness and “goo” in her pants. Once she places the pocket rocket on her clit and pussy, she says she is not going to last long! She closes her eyes and starts to concentrate a bit more on her orgasm. She spreads her lips apart with one hand and uses the toy with the other. It really doesn’t take long for Katie K. to reach a nice, powerful, perfectly visible contracting – and even squirting – orgasm! She says she has never squirted before and asks for a copy of the video because that is the first time she’s ever done that. Then, the doorbell rings! And she waves good-bye. When Katie K. gets ready for the next scene, she comes prepared with a towel so as not to sit in the wet patch and to try to protect the chair. She’s really excited to enjoy the magic wand and makes a little joke about that. She is wearing a really nice, short little mini-skirt and gives us a peek of what’s under that skirt. Katie K. also lets us know that she loves it when her bottom is spanked – which she does. She takes off her bra, moistens her fingers, applies the moisture to her nipples and cups her breasts firmly in her hands. She’s getting worked up again and notes that she is wet again – and that she is always wet. Katie takes off her sparkly shoes and continues to massage her pussy through her panties, but not for too long, before the panties come off completely. She examines the crotch of her panties and notes just how wet they are and she reaches her fingers inside for a feel of her wet pussy, too. Katie K. is ready and excited about using the magic wand as she runs it all over her body – pausing for the moment of truth - placing it on her pussy. She experiments with the speed settings, giggling and chatting all the way through. When she uses her hand to spread her lips, one can see her glistening wetness. Katie K. kind of bounces the toy up and down on her clit, taking the toy on and off, on and off and chatting about how horny the toy is making her! It doesn’t take Katie long to cum again – with a nice, snapping orgasm she lets out a, “Oh. Fuck yeah.” And a nice, big squirting orgasm again. She lets us know that she is sorry for the mess (we’re not!!) she’s made again and that Donald will have to spank her bottom for her naughtiness. She’s funny! Katie describes the orgasm and what “worked her up” for that one. The cameraman asks her if she can put the toy back on her now, or if she is too sensitive. Katie gives it a go, but she just starts twitching. The scene closes with a closeup of her pussy. Next Katie is in the bedroom with a big collection of toys and she is ready to try them all out and see which one works best. Katie removes her little skirt and shows-off her cute little g-string thongs. She uses a little black vibe through her panties first. Katie rolls over onto all fours / doggie-style and pulls the g-string to the side. Her pussy looks glistening wet again – but Katie wants to take off her top. Then, she wants to take-off her panties and show off the little wet spot. She switches toys, too, using a pink vibe on her pussy and clit while on her knees / doggie-style. She really likes that, but wants to keep going with the toy test. Next up is the dolphin going round and round on her clit and pussy lips. Katie says that one feels really, really nice and she really, really likes that. She is afraid she is going to cum too quickly, so she switches off the dolphin and goes for the egg vibe next. Katie decides that all the toys are feeling really good and she has just gotten to a point where she just wants to cum now! But, Katie keeps holding off and, while still bottoms-ups, switches to the black thingy massager. She describes how the toy feels for her and how it vibrates the skin all around her. After thoroughly, or at least briefly, testing all of the toys, Katie opts to go with the dolphin and immediately starts saying how good it feels on her pussy. The camera zooms in for a close-up and Katie K. is cumming within seconds – twitching and bottom pulling contractions. She giggles afterwards and says she wants a longer orgasm! But, it didn’t see anything at all wrong with that!! Katie makes herself comfortable in a warm bath – it takes her a bit of time to adjust to the hot water. Once she is ready, she turns on the “power shower” massager head to try to use that on her cooch. She squats right down in the bath, with her nice lips dangling and flapping in the water. Katie is really struggling with the right position and right angle in this one and she says she can usually cum while squatting, but she just can’t get comfy for this scene. So, unfortunately, we had to abandon that scene. Katie is wearing a short, short, very short, pink plaid pleated skirt and a little black vest top. The skirt is so short, it doesn’t even cover Katie’s bum. Katie removes the vest top, then her bra, to give her breasts a firm squeeze. Katie removes her shoes next and turns around to show us her backside while she removes her panties. Katie is still standing, so the cameraman is doing an upskirt / upward shoot. She reaches for the magic wand and places it between her legs. After a moment, she decides she has to take-off the skirt, too – which she does. She is now standing, completely naked, and rubbing her pussy with the magic wand. Katie kind of leans a hand and some weight on one thigh, then balances one leg up on the chair to go for it. She let’s us know that this is really hard work this is, but that doesn’t really work, either. Once she gets balanced and settled in with the toy, she lets us know that she is going to cum and she stands, cumming and squirting – almost on the camera lens! She just has to lie down afterwards, too!

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