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The Female Orgasm - Brittney Babe - Orgasm Determination
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Brittney Babe

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The Female Orgasm - Brittney Babe - Orgasm Determination front


Twenty-year-old Brittney Babe is new to the adult scene and she is determined to please as she does what it takes to bring herself to several genuine orgasms! She tries out the Hitachi magic wand as well as the Fairy mini wand and gets herself slippery and juicy. She has nice and small breasts with puffy nipples too! Brittney is quick to pull off the straps to her bright pink sundress, slipping it down over her hips. She quickly peels down her underwear too, sits on the couch, spreads her legs and starts to rub her clit. That part is all over in a matter of seconds - she is excited about trying out the Hitachi Magic Wand! She switches on the big, powerful toy and places it on her clit as she stares at the camera. The toy is on low power, and very soon she closes her eyes as she takes in the sensations that it gives her. Brittney starts to jiggle the toy and her look almost turns into a grimace as she starts to let out a few moans of pleasure. Her moans get more and more intense as does the jiggling. She has some real eye test contractions and her pussy juices are running down over her ass. She switches off the toy and rubs her puss and clit with her fingers as her body recovers. Brittney now wears a totally form-fitting green and pink dress - very sexy! She peels her dress down over her hips - no bra, just panties... then she peels her panties down and sits in an armchair, placing one leg over each arm. Her magic wand is ominously close as she starts to rub her pussy and clit with her fingers. Soon, she picks up the wand, turns it on, and starts masturbating again with the toy. She actually tries to smile at the camera, but her expressions are overtaken by the sensations of the buzzy toy on her clit. Brittney continues to masturbate with the wand, jiggling it over her clit like she did before. Her facial expression turns into a bit of a grimace once again, but she tries to maintain eye contact with the camera once in a while. She is really concentrating, determined to have another orgasm, pausing only to lubricate her clit with her saliva. Her toes are twitching as she thrusts her hips into the toy - she really jams the toy onto her pussy and gets more and more frustrated as she tries to get herself off - and then she gives up and wants a break. Kudos to her as she didn't try to fake it! Brittney is back, kneeling on the bed wearing a polka-dot to pussy-and-ass white skirt. She takes to top off - she's wearing a nice bra - she takes the skirt off to reveal her matching panties. Then she takes off her panties. That's where the fun parts are, followed by her bra. Brittney leans up against the head board and slowly starts to masturbate with her fingers. She massages her clit with her fingers for a few minutes, then breaks out the Fairy Mini Wand for a change. She immediately knows what to do with it, replacing her fingers with the vibrating toy on her clit with the same circular motion. Brittney is determined to find this orgasm, so she works the toy hard while seriously concentrating, her face turning to a grimace again. It takes her a little while and as her panting gets more rhythmic and her grimace gets more intense, she cums, thrusting her hips into the toy and masturbating with long strokes down the length of her pussy. It's a quiet orgasm and not much by way of contractions, but we already know that Brittney doesn't fake it. She rubs her pussy and clit with her fingers once again as she recovers. Standing in front of the couch, Brittney is briefly wearing a pink fish-net dress ... and I mean briefly. She quickly takes it off to reveal her matching black bra and panty set. These items of clothing are quickly removed as well as she eyes the magic wand on the table beside the couch. Brittney reaches for the want, and true to her style, she immediately starts masturbating. We like it when girls genuinely want to masturbate!! She very quickly stats jiggling the wand on her clit, and in no time she lets out a few little pants and moans and cums with a grimace. Although soft, her orgasm contractions are very clear with this one! Once again, Brittney rubs her clit with her fingers as she recovers from this orgasm. Wow ...but that's not enough ... she turns the wand back on, this time on full power, and puts it back on her clit after applying a little saliva! That was unexpected!! She continues to jiggle the toy rapidly on her clit with a grimace on her face, right until she has moans and pants her way into another orgasm! Brittney does her usual finger massage as she recovers.

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