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The Female Orgasm - Olivia Adams - Juice
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Olivia Adams

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The Female Orgasm - Olivia Adams - Juice front


Olivia Adams still has the wettest pussy we've ever filmed in our eleven-year history and she backs that up with strong pussy contracting orgasms every time. Juice is her twenty-fourth movie in which Olivia gives herself a nice long dripping wet session with her new clit sucker and soaks through several pairs of panties before rewarding herself with big, pussy pulsating orgasms every time! Olivia Adams is wearing her crotchless panties and lying on her bed. She positions the camera and picks up her new clit pump, it looks like a pretty powerful little sucker, and she applies it to her clit, sucks it all in and disconnects the pump. She shows us just how firmly the thing is attached to her and her pussy is already dripping wet in excitement! There is a bit of camera motion as Olivia shows it to us from a few different angles. It seems that she doesn't even have to move much to enjoy the sensations! Her pussy is literally dripping wet, her juices running down her ass. Olivia flips onto her hands and knees, then into a kneeling position, her juices are running right over the sucker and stringing onto the bed! Olivia takes off the clit sucker and starts rubbing her clit while she is still kneeling. Her juices keep flowing ... and flowing ... and her clit is quite engorged after all that suction. Olivia grabs her white egg vibrator and starts buzzing her clit. She lies back so that we can see her small natural breasts and button nipples while she does this. After fucking herself with the toy and creating some white creamy goo, she puts the toy back onto her clit once more, edges a bit, then and rocks out a nice, long, powerful, pussy pulsing orgasm! This was a nice and long scene, and that orgasm looked like it felt really good! Olivia is now clad in her black thin panties. She is already pretty wet and her pussy juice is clearly visible through the fine netting. She plays with herself through her panties, getting herself wetter and wetter as she gets more and more aroused. She gets herself so wet that she can actually pull up strings of her grool from outside her panties! She peels her panties aside and starts to fuck herself with her purple dildo vibe. There are a lot of squishy noises and Olivia really seems to enjoy this. Her pussy is just creaming now - lots of white creamy juices! After a little while, Olivia puts the toy down and rubs and slaps her pussy with her fingers. She then introduces her silver bullet vibe and tries experimenting a little with the camera angle but ends up right where she started. She's just too close to cumming to mess around. A soon as the camera is back in the right position, her pussy starts to pulse and contract as she cums - nice and strong contractions and a very wet pussy. Nice one! Now Olivia is wearing red see through panties and sitting in a chair. Her legs are spread and she is playing with her pussy - her nice and small breasts and button nipples are clearly visible too! Her pussy lips are clearly visible through the red fabric as she plays with her pussy and her panties. Olivia pulls the crotch of her panties aside and plays with her pussy juice strings, wiping them on her pubic mound. Her handy-dandy silver bullet vibe is handy. She turns this on, puts it on her clit, and almost cums in less than a minute! She abruptly stops her stimulation and is clearly struggling very hard not to cum, despite the lack of stimulation. The she pulls back on her mound, barely touches her clit with the vibe, and has a nice orgasm. This must be the panty special! Olivia is now in a pair of white lace panties - she is clearly quite excited already as her panties are soaked with slimy, stringy pussy juice - yum! She is gently rubbing herself through the fabric of her panties, running her fingers through the juice that has soaked through, then rubbing her clit. She pulls her panties into her slit and gives herself a camel toe, clearly like the pressure that this is putting on her clit. Olivia keeps playing with her pussy through her panties, and when she starts to slap it, her fingers pull strings of juice off them! She pulls her panties aside, picks up her white egg-head vibrator, and buzzes her clit until her pussy pulses and snaps from her orgasm. That was a nice one too! But then again, Olivia Adams virtually always has phenomenal orgasms! Back in her crotchless panties, Olivia Adams is squatting on her faux sheep skin blanket. She is already dripping wet, strings of her juices hanging out of her vagina. She pushes the large end of the vibe into her pussy and starts to fuck herself with the toy, clearly enjoying what she is doing. She then snags her silver bullet vibe, putting this on her clit while she continues the action with the other toy, but then reverts to just the one toy - alternating between fucking herself with it and putting it on her clit. Her pussy is really oozing white creamy juices now! Olivia sits back to get comfy and continues the action. It's neat to see the way the egg end of the toy virtually "pops" in and out of her pussy! She brings the silver bullet back into the action and almost immediately has a really big orgasm with rapid fire contractions grabbing at the shaft of the egg-head vibe! In keeping with the "panties" theme, Olivia Adams lies on her bed wearing pink cotton panties. There is a darker spot in the middle of her crotch which suggests that she is already a little aroused and wet. Olivia pulls one breast and nipple out of her white tank top as she rubs her pussy through her panties with her fingers. She finds her egg-head vibe, turns it on and immediately starts stimulating her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Her panties are now developing a bit of a shimmer in the crotch area as her juices start to soak through. Olivia continues the action until her panties are sopping wet, then she pulls her crotch aside and goes for direct contact with her clit. She rotates and grinds her hips against the toy, pausing and shifting every now and then to prevent herself from cumming to fast. But then she lets go, cumming hard with her panties half covering the base of her vagina - those things are absolutely drenched!

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