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The Female Orgasm - Lucy Li - Pure Lust
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Lucy Li

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The Female Orgasm - Lucy Li - Pure Lust front


Lucy Li is one hot babe with massive natural breasts, a great body and a look that will make you melt. She teasingly strips out of her sexy outfits and masturbates her close trimmed pussy to orgasm using both the Hitachi magic wand and the Fairy Mini wand. Lucy Li looks incredible in her white, thigh high dress and long black hair. She turns around, hikes her skirt and shows us her sexy white lace thong underneath - it barely covers her perfect ass. The whole look is simply hot! Lucy unzips her dress and pulls it down over her breasts – my oh my, those puppies are big! They filled out her dress perfectly and in such a way that you couldn't appreciate just how large they are. Her panties are next and Lucy parades naked for the camera - her pubes are trimmed nicely, leaving enough hair up top. Lucy sits in a leather arm chair, takes out the Fairy Mini Wand and stimulates her nipples with it - it makes her giggle and smile! She puts the toy on her clit and immediately starts making cooing sounds. Her noises get more and more intense until she goes over the edge and cums! She's not a snapper by any means, but she did have some clear contractions. Lucy looks at the camera while she recovers. She really does have a nice smile too! Lucy Li is kneeling on the couch wearing some really short shorts as the scene opens. She turns around, sits down and peels off her black top – no bra! Amazing natural breasts! She then takes off her skimpy little shorts to reveal her dark pink lace thong panties. Lucy is back on her knees now. She peels her panties to the side and gives us a nice view as she plays with herself doggy style for a bit before taking her panties off completely and tossing them into the corner of the couch. Lucy lies back on the couch and continues to play with herself from behind – it's an "interesting" perspective. After some porn style masturbation, Lucy decides that it's time to get real. She picks up the Fairy Mini Wand, turns that sucker up and starts buzzing her clit with it. Although she is still making some porn noises, you can see her pussy reacting nicely to the stimulation. Lucy is thrusting her hips into the toy now and her panting and moaning is getting louder and more intense. Then she cums again, her orgasm contractions clearly visible as she does. Once again, Lucy caresses her body as she recovers from that one. Lucy strides into the room wearing a tight black top and a pair of tight leggings that show off her curves. She is munching on a banana - I think there is something deliberate and suggestive about her choice of fruit. She sits on a day bed, her Hitachi Magic Wand ominously close by. I think we can figure her toy of choice for this session! Lucy peels her top off over her head, her big natural breasts jiggling in time with her motion. She puts her hand into her pants and starts to massage her pussy. Her porn noises begin once again as she does this. Lucy peels her leggings down and shows us her stuff from various angles as she plays and rubs. This may be just the way she warms herself up though. Either way, I certainly didn't mind viewing her from all angles - and when she is ripe and ready to get serious about the orgasm business. Lucy picks up the wand, switches it to high power and starts buzzing away on her clit. Her pussy is already twitching in response to the stimulation and she keeps this up, getting louder and louder, until she cums once again. Lucy now sits on a red couch flipping through a magazine. Something clearly amuses her as she lets out a little giggle. She is wearing a sexy white outfit again – I think white is her colour! She puts the magazine down, spreads her legs and begins to rub her pussy through the fabric. Very quickly, her hand finds its way into her pants though. Lucy takes her panties off, then she releases her enormous breasts as she takes her top off over her head. She lies back on the couch, spreads her legs and starts to rub her pussy as, almost in unison, some dogs in the distance begin to howl - they know! Lucy masturbates some more with just her fingers, once again showing us this action from all angles. But then once again, Lucy gets real, picks up the Hitachi Magic Wand and stimulates her clit. Then with some pussy twitches, Lucy Li orgasms once again. The camera man asks if it was good - yes! He then asks if she can do it one more time - okay! Her pussy is already quite sensitive when Lucy puts the Hitachi back on it. She already has some little twitches in response to the strong stimulation. Her moaning gets louder and more intense very quickly until she cums once again, this time with a little squirt! Very nice! The camera man asks her to spread her pussy as he zooms in for a really close view.

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