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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Isabella
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation

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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Isabella back
The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Isabella front


Femorg.com is pleased to welcome yet another new-cummer to the family – the forty-one year old, All-American MILF, Isabella. For the female orgasm lovers of the world, this DVD is a must have for your collection. Isabella has some of the best orgasms we’ve seen – each and every time. The scenes in this DVD are either self-filmed by Isabella, or are filmed by her partner. There is some dialog exchanged between the two in some of these scenes. Isabella is a mature woman – she knows what she likes and she has a great body. At the beginning of the first scene, she lets her partner know that she enjoys hands-on action and when he works the dildo on her because “It’s more fun” when he does it, but he is busy with the camera at the moment … as Isabella cranks up the clit stimulation vibe, after applying the lube to her completely shaved cooch, her partner finally obliges her request and inserts a dildo into her pussy for a minute or two, but then he is back to the business with the camera end of things. So, Isabella manages to hold the dildo with one hand and the clit stimulator with the other while lying on a towel on the sofa. It doesn’t take long at all for Isabella to cum really hard. She let’s out just a couple of quiet moan / grunts, closes her eyes and opens her mouth and cums hard with nice, visible, popping, pussy perineum and anal contractions. Next we see Isabella lying on her tummy on a pillow in the bedroom. She is wearing nothing but a t-shirt while buzzing her clit with her favorite purple buzzy toy. Most of this is a full body view, but the camera man does enjoy taking us in for the occasional close-up view of Isabella’s cooch. Again, it’s not long – maybe four minutes or so – and then Isabella lets out a moan as her pussy pulsates in totally visible orgasmic contractions – it gets nice and flushed red, too. Isabella walks into the room wearing a new dress she has just bought paired with brown leather hiking boots – interesting combination. And, she’s not wearing anything else underneath that little dress, either! Isabella then asks her partner if he’d like to watch her jack-off in her new dress. He asks her if she’d like her double dong and she says she would prefer to have some porn. He tells her she is making porn. He inserts the dildo into her pussy and lets him know that she’s already about to cum. He wants her to get down and dirty with the dildo, but she’s trying hard not to cum. She removes the vibrator from her clit to prolong this session as she plays with the dildo, grasping her breasts and her hard nipples. She pulls the dress down to show him how hard her nipples are. Then, Isabella removes the dildo and goes back to her favorite purple vibrator. Her cooch is nice and wet from the dildo stimulation, too. It’s very obvious that Isabella thoroughly enjoys the sensations from the vibe as her cooch pushes out and her mouth opens, then with a moan she tries to hold-off the orgasm just a little bit longer while the camera man focuses on her breasts. Isabella goes back at it with the vibe, then removes the toy again, then goes back for more with the vibe. Isabella moans, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!” and she does! It’s a nice big one with lots of juices coming out – as the videographer notes. Her clit is very swollen and enlarged, too. This scene is self-filmed by Isabella. She is in the bedroom wearing a t-shirt and thong panties. She makes herself comfortable on the bed letting us know that she is very horny. She takes a moment to hop up and adjust the camera angle and view, and to make herself comfortable on a pillow. With her bottom resting nicely on the pillow, Isabella reaches for her favorite purple vibe while firmly resting a middle finger on her perineum. Her knees are drawn up to her chest. With the toy buzzing strongly, she gets pretty close to orgasm, so she stops the stimulation in order to get up and adjust the camera view. She moves the focus in for a more close-up view now, so this is a mostly cooch close-up orgasm – although a part of her face is visible in frame. With the toy buzzing, Isabella says “it’s getting ready”. But, then she lifts the toy off her clit again to prolong the pleasure. Again, she places the toy back on her growing clitoris, let’s out a moan and then quickly pulls the toy away. She puts the toy back on her clit again, this time for a long time and firmly supports her bottom in her left hand. With a soft moan, Isabella says, “Oh! It’s gonna cum!” and then the contractions begin – lots of nice, strong, tugging, obvious ones, too! Isabella says, “God, that felt good.” Then, she pulls her knees up for close-up view of her bottom and pussy. Isabella’s partner asks her if she’s ready to cum for him tonight. She’s seated on the kitchen counter on a towel, but they have to get the angles and positions adjusted a bit. Isabella is now supporting herself on the heels of her feet, which permits some pretty nice views of Isabella’s under carriage as she inserts a finger in her bum and enjoys her favorite vibe. After adjusting her position a little bit, suddenly Isabella says, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!” And she does with lots of popping pulsating contractions once again. She gets onto her knees to recover for a moment. Isabella is lying on the sofa on her belly while her lilac panties are peeking from beneath her jean skirt. Her partner tells her to get up, so she saunters to the kitchen and puts on her black leather boots and a hat. They share some banter regarding her attire, but Isabella really likes her black leather cowboy boots, so she continues to wear them. Isabella walks back to the sofa and gets her vibrator. There’s a bit of editing in this scene until they get the lighting right, but Isabella hops back up on the counter – boots and bits hanging out – and starts toying with the purple vibe again. Isabella gets nice and almost dripping wet in this scene – the juices are slowly flowing right out of her pussy as she gets closer and closer to having an orgasm. With a finger on her perineum and just one little “Ah”, Isabella’s pussy starts pulsating in orgasm. She pulls the toy off and moans again, but the contractions are still going. Her partner comments that she’s a horny engineer and she counters with, “Did that one make your dick hard?” The last scene is another quick and close-up view – this time Isabella is using a black vibe. With the vibe firmly placed on her clitoris and her other hand wrapped around apply a bit of pressure to her perineum and anus, it doesn’t take long at all before Isabella says, “Oh, my pussy’s cumming!” and the contractions are strong and visible and powerful once more. She rolls over onto her side to recover.

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