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The Female Orgasm - Meg Magic - Good Vibrations
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Meg Magic

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The Female Orgasm - Meg Magic - Good Vibrations front


Meg Magic loves her vibrators! This small breasted, shaved hottie masturbates with both the Hitachi magic wand and the Fairy mini wand in this movie, each of these toys bringing her to ass puckering orgasms several times! Meg starts out really playfully and energetic as she sits on a chair with a button down blouse and a short plaid skirt. She gives us a good show of the crotch of her white lace panties underneath her skirt while she unbuttons her blouse and reveals her small, perky breasts. She kneels on the chair and pulls her skirt down, giving us a good show of her bum. Meg sits back down, spreads her legs and gives herself a panty-wedgie before peeling her panties off. Her pussy is completely shaved except for a tiny tuft of her on her pubic mound... and I mean a tiny tuft! Meg starts rubbing her pussy, which is already gaping in delight. She is a little bit of an actress as she plays with herself. But all that changes once she breaks out the Hitachi Magic Wand. She turns it onto high power, puts it on her clit and cums in no time, displaying strong bum puckering contractions! She doesn't stop though she keeps riding the buzzer to another orgasm, then switches the wand to low power, still keeping it firmly planted on her clit. Back on high power, Meg rocks out yet another butt puckering orgasm! She switches back to low power for a moment before she pulls her legs up as she recovers. Wow, that was a little bit of magic! Meg is back wearing a "Hot" pink t-shirt and tiny denim shorts. She is kissing the Fairy Mini Wand, giving us a little insight into what her plans are. She takes off her shirt, once again exposing her small breasts... her nipples are little on the puffy side when they are not aroused, but she quickly changes that as she fondles her breasts! Meg takes her time to peel off her shorts, does a bit of a panty show, then sits on the floor and leans against an ottoman. She keeps on playing with her pussy and even inserts three fingers at one point. On goes the mini wand and onto her clit goes the mini wand... Meg starts letting out some "Ah's" and hisses, which significantly intensify as she turns the power up on the mini wand. Her pussy is already responding nicely to the stimulation and Meg looks like she is a little lost in ecstasy as pulls her hips up against the vibrator and cums! She turns the power on the vibe down, but keeps on stimulating her pussy and clit. She seems a little sensitive after that, so she puts the toy away and gives us some good view of her post orgasm pussy. Wearing a rather patriotic stars and stripes form fitting dress, Meg Magic is now kneeling on a comfy chair. She is once again bra-less as she peels the skimpy dress over her head. And when the camera pans out, we can see her thin lace panties. Meg likes to show off her panty-clad ass, kneeling forward and spreading her rear and undercarriage for us ... nice view! Her nipples have perked up nicely too! Meg pulls her panties down, then she pulls her cheeks apart to show us her gaping pussy before sitting back down and start to play with her pussy a little more seriously. The Hitachi is ominously close by as she fingers her pussy and once again, everything changes when she turns it on. But this time, Meg puts the vibe on low and stimulates her nipples with it first... they're even more perky now! Meg moves the wand down to her clit, and her "Ah's" and hisses get real even though the toy is still on low power. After a bit of stimulation, Meg switches it to high and her "Ah's" goes up an octave and her toes curl as she pulls her feet up and it's not long before Meg is completely over taken by her orgasm! She puts the vibe on low and buzzes herself a bit as she recovers. Meg then shows us what her orgasm did to her parts. Meg Magic is looking mighty fine in her sexy see-through lace top and short pleather skirt! She takes her top off over her head (no bra), then sits up on a desk and spreads her legs to show off her animal print panties! Once she slips off her skirt, we get to see just how tiny those panties are! From ALL angles! Meg sits in the desk chair, takes off her tiny panties and plays with herself momentarily. The Fairy Mini Wand was handy, so she picks it up, turns it on and starts masturbating with the buzzy toy. She has one foot up on the desk and the other on the floor, with gives us a nice view of everything. As Meg turns up the intensity of the toy, she also turns up the intensity of her moans. She keeps the wand firmly planted on her pussy and clit, rocking a bit in the chair, twitching a bit and concentrating a lot! And all of us sudden she cums, her orgasm accompanied by clear anal contractions! Meg hops out of the chair and up onto the desk, hardly breaking the stimulation. She turns the power of the wand to high and cums again. Sadly her legs snap shut this time, but the intense look on her face tells the whole story! Meg is looking rather pleased with herself as she sits up, fully sated.

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