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The Female Orgasm - Barbara Bella - Sensuality
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Barbara Bella

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The Female Orgasm - Barbara Bella - Sensuality front


Barbara Bella is twenty-one year old Hungarian beauty with a natural body, sensual moves, and a Mona Lisa smile - very sexy! She also masturbates to orgasm really easily with her vibrators on low power. Barbara Bella starts out sitting in a chair in a pair of ripped jeans and a nice baggy top that hangs perfectly over her breasts. She is a real cutie and has this "Mona Lisa" smile! She unbuttons her jeans and lifts her top up a bit to show us her sexy midriff... then she takes her top off completely and shows off her perfect, natural breasts - no bra! Then she peels her jeans off - she is wearing a pair of sexy white panties... and then she peels those off - she has a cleanly shaved pussy. After making sure that we've had a good view of every bit of her, Barbara settles back in the chair and starts playing with her pussy with her fingers. Her masturbation gets more intense and serious when she turns on the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator and applies it to her clitoris. Even with the toy on low power, it's not long before Barbara has a nice orgasm that seems to catch her by surprise - her pussy contracting and pulsating as she cums. Very nice! Barbara sits back and relaxes to recover. Barbara is now wearing a red lace body suit, clearly with no bra underneath but you can make out her red matching panties. She peels the top down, once again exposing her nice natural breasts. Then she takes it off completely, followed by her little red panties... she really does have a nice body to match her pretty face! Barbara sits down on a chair and starts to rub her pussy with her fingers to warm herself up. She chooses the Fairy Mini Wand again, and once again she keeps it on low power. It looks like she is just about to cum when there is a bit of a camera glitch, and she starts masturbating again with the powerful little vibe. But no worries - the toy has her writhing and grinding and cumming again in no time! She turns off the buzzer and spreads her pussy lips to give us a good view of her glistening wet vagina. The camera zooms in for a close up of her pretty face too. Barbara crawls onto the bed in her red lingerie, leans up against the headboard, spreads her legs and starts caressing her body. She does look incredibly sexy! She peels off her outfit and once again spreads her legs and starts finger rubbing her pussy. Once she is sufficiently "warmed up", Barbara turns the Fairy Mini Wand onto low power and puts it on her clit. She is careful not to put too much pressure on it as it will probably make her cum too quickly... After a few moments, Barbara starts to grind against the toy, applying a little more pressure, and getting herself closer to her orgasm. Her pussy and any are already twitching as she gets closer and closer... her panting increases in frequency and tempo... and Barbara is cumming once again. Her contractions were not really visible this time though. Barbara gently caresses herself as she recovers. Barbara Bella walks into view wearing almost virginal white lingerie - very sexy! She shows it off to the camera from all angles as she caresses her body. She slips off her lingerie - first the top, and then her sexy white panties - and then sits in the chair with her legs akimbo. In her typical style, Barbara warms herself up with her fingers and when she is ready, she picks up the Hitachi Magic Wand this time! She turns on the powerful toy and begins to stimulate her clit and pussy with it. It's fairly obvious that Barbara is struggling not to cum too quickly in no time at all, but it's a losing battle for her... with one hand on the vibe and the other gripping her inner thigh, Barbara cums again. She lays back to recover as the camera explores her body.

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