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The Female Orgasm - Laura Neat - Intimate Orgasms
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Laura Neat

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The Female Orgasm - Laura Neat - Intimate Orgasms front


Laura Neat is back and as sexy and horny as ever! The European beauty has hairy armpits, hairy and very wet pussy and she loves to film herself masturbating to big pussy pulsating orgasms! This truly is an incredibly sexy and erotic movie! Laura Neat has just purchased a vibrator and decided to film herself trying it out for the first time! She unpacks the toy, studies it and puts some batteries in it. She then takes her top off and stimulates her nipple with the vibrator... it responds very nicely! She then takes her skirt off and lies back on the bed... she's wearing a nice pair of white cotton panties. Laura leaves her bra and panties on while she stimulates her clit and nipples, closing her eyes and just enjoying the sensations. When she has herself nicely (and obviously aroused) she unclips her bra giving us a little glimpse of her hairy armpits, peels her panties off (is that I wet spot I see?!), then puts the vibe on her clit... she dips her finger into her vagina and rubs her pussy juices onto her nipple (I just love the way she does this!). Laura is beginning to pant as she gets closer to her orgasm. But she doesn't want to cum just yet - she reaches over and picks up a little gold bullet vibe which she brings into the action. Her pussy is getting absolutely soaked and is oozing her creamy juices and she stimulates her clitoris. Laura really likes rubbing her nipples with her juices - she dips her finger into her pussy once more and rubs her juice on her nipples, then spreads her pussy and says "Oh, I'm going to cum ..." and a second later "I'm cumming!" and we can clearly see her pussy and ass contracting has her orgasm takes hold! Her pussy juices are stringing between her bottom and the bed as she curls her hips as she is cumming! Laura has a nice smile as she recovers, gently fingering herself as she does. She flips over and shows us her wet pussy and ass. What an erotic scene! The camera is pointed slightly upwards and at the seat of a chair. Laura straddles the chair backwards (reverse cowgirl) wearing polka-dot bikini bottom so that the camera points directly at her ass and pussy close-up! This close up view is incredible as she reaches between her legs and starts masturbating with a small white smoothie vibe. She is already pretty wet in anticipation and her wetness continues to build as she buzzes away, occasionally spreading her cheeks a little. Her pussy and ass are already twitching and contracting in response to her clitoral stimulation - she is clearly trying not to cum too quickly. She is really very wet now and when she pulls the little vibe away to stop herself from cumming, long pussy juice strings attach themselves to it. But she can only do that for so long... suddenly she says "Oh, I'm going to cum" and Whamo - big orgasm contractions that go on and on as her body jerks in sexual release! Laura uses the vibe to play with her juices, showing us just how wet she got. Very, very nice. Laura has decided that she wants to watch herself masturbating, so she set up a mirror on her bed right next to her. She takes the covers off and admires herself as she caresses her body and plays with her nipples. She spreads her legs, showing us her hairiness poking out from under her white cotton panties. This is a very sexy scene as you can clearly see "both" Laura's! She puts her arm under her head to prop herself up a little and lifts up her top to expose her nipples - nice arm pits too! Laura takes her top off completely and caresses and admires her arm pits too... then she starts finger rubbing her clit through the fabric of her panties. She takes her panties off completely, parts her legs and continues masturbating with just her fingers as she watches herself in the mirror. Her masturbation gets more and more purposeful, but it's a dead give-away when she dips her finger into her vagina and rubs her juices onto her nipple - then we know she means business. Laura rubs her clit rather furiously, dips for more juices, rubs her nipple and watches herself as she reaches her orgasm, her hairy wet pussy glistening and contracting as she does. Wow! Laura spreads her lips to show us just how wet she got before relaxing and recovering from that big orgasm. Now for another close up as Laura shows off her hairy pussy beneath a pair of white and pink cotton panties. Her hand wanders down and she gently plays with herself for a second before her new vibrator appears. She pushes her panties aside with the toy but that's not working too well, so she lifts her legs up and pulls her them off completely. Her pink pussy is already quite wet as she firmly plants the toy on her clit. And with every spasm and contractions, more of her juices are pushed out of the base of her vagina. She is already having lots of pre-orgasm contractions as her grool runs down over her asshole, eventually pooling on the bed. "Oh, yeah...Oh!" (pant, pant, pant) Laura is clearly enjoying this very much and her pussy responses confirm this! Then a long drawn out "Oh...Oh I'm cumming!" And she pushes her pussy out as her contractions take hold - nice big contractions that seem to go on forever. And there are lots of post-orgasm contractions too as she touches her turgid clitoris. Another great scene! Laura struts into the room wearing a loose fitting white sundress. She sits on a little table put puts one leg up as the other dangles over the edge. She is wearing blue and white striped cotton panties. She plays with her breasts and shows us her perky nipples through the material. Then she hikes the skirt and starts to buzz her pussy and clit through her panties with her new vibrator. Laura pauses to take her dress off (nice camel toe!), then continues masturbating with one hand while her other tweaks and stimulates her nipples. Laura's body is already jerking a little with sexual energy... that vibe must feel really good! She pulls her panties aside for some direct stimulation for a bit, then covers her pussy back up and continues masturbating through the material while tweaking her nipple. Laura is getting very close to cumming, so she stops, takes her panties off completely and puts the toy back on her clit. She was right there before, so it doesn't take anytime at all for her to cum - a nice body arching orgasm too! Laura plays with herself for a few moments as she recovers, then she puts on her bra, hops off the table to put on her panties, and walks off screen. We hope to see her again soon!

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