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The Female Orgasm - Olivia Adams #2: Drenched
Studio: FemOrg Categories: Female Masturbation
Pornstars: Olivia Adams

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The Female Orgasm - Olivia Adams #2: Drenched front


Everyone has fallen in love (well, maybe lust) with Olivia Adams. Olivia is the wettest, most orgasmic, self-filmer and she is back again with 10 more stellar, wet, drenched orgasms! Olivia Adams #2: Drenched not only features the wettest brunette MILF orgasms, but this time, Olivia has learned the art of multiple orgasms! Lying in her bedroom wearing a red dress, Olivia is armed with her trusty big purple dildo vibe and the camera remote. We already know Olivia's biggest turn-on is filming herself and she's already oozing lots of creamy white fluid in anticipation of this one. Olivia's pussy is closely shaved with the just the faintest hint of a Brazilian line at the top of her mound. She wastes no time getting started with the big purple vibe and playing with her copious juices. As the excitement builds for Olivia, she pulls the toy quickly off her clit or else she'll cum too soon. Her outer labia are swelling and puffing nicely as she pulls the toy up and down on her clit. At one point, when Olivia pulls the toy away to finger her juices, she pulls enough wet goodness out to cover halfway down her thigh! The toy goes back on her clit and stays right there until she lets out a couple of deep moans and then pops out a long, strong, series of contractions. She pulls the toy off, but the contractions just keep going and going and going. Lying completely naked on a white towel, Olivia's mostly shaved pussy is once more glistening wet in anticipation. She's armed with her trusty purple dildo vibe and quickly inserts it deep into her pussy for stroking. She alternates between stroking her pussy and buzzing her clit with the toy - thoroughly enjoying all the sensations as she goes. Once more she uses her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide and takes another ride with the dildo. Then, she keeps her lips spread, but firmly places the toy on her clit - which very, very nearly pushes her over the orgasm edge. Moaning and panting, "Yeah" Olivia cums. This one is so intense Olivia immediately closes her legs. And when she quickly opens them again, all of her womanly bits are stuck together and tucked away. She spreads them again with her fingers and puts the toy right back on her clit, saying, "Yeah" and cumming with a series of contractions once more. It's super fast between orgasm one and orgasm two, but the distinction and contractions and obvious. Olivia is straddling two chairs with her pussy right in the middle. She is naked and finger rubbing her clitoris, taking time to play with her juicy strings and allow the wetness to flow freely and drip. After a bit of finger play, Olivia once more reaches for her trusty, big, purple dildo vibe and it immediately evokes a deep, "Ah". Straddling over the chairs, with gravity working her downward, her pussy and lips are swelling quickly. The vibe does not spend long at all on Olivia's clitoris before she is panting and moaning. She suddenly says, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum" and cum she does! A nice, nice orgasm. She pauses for a moment to catch her breath, then goes right back at it with the vibe for another quick orgasm! The juices are just dripping right out! Another multiple orgasm scene from drenched MILF Olivia. She pulls the camera in to show off her "pretty big puddle" of juices on the floor beneath her crotch. She giggles. Olivia is back in the bedroom for the next scene lying on a black bedspread with white polka dots. There is a little bit of background noise - sounds like a basketball game - but Olivia likes it that way. Olivia is finger rubbing her clit and pussy, playing with herself and a little bit with the zoom on the camera to get the framing just so. Olivia likes the camera in closeup mode - she gets really turned on by watching herself and her juices build. And we can see just how those juices build as she dips a finger into the base of her clit and rubs the juices all over her clit - in great clarity and detail. Finger in the slit. Pull the juices up. Finger rub the clit. Gently on the sides. Again. And again. Then finger rub the clit from side-to-side. Moan. Dip. Juice. Finger rub - almost flicking from side-to-side. Incredibly more juice. Finger rub. Fast. Side-to-side. More juice. Flick. Flick. Flick. Spread those lips wide. And rub some more. Her labia are swelling near her perineum. Then the furious finger masturbation kicks in and wham-o! Olivia cums hard! And we see every twitch and strong pulling contraction. The juices drip right out of her and onto the bedspread. Olivia rubs some more and squeezes her legs together to eek out the last of the contractions that just go on and on. Then she starts to finger rub her clitoris once more and stretching out her juices. But she's finished for now. Olivia is seated, naked, except for a pair of tiny, white, lace, panties, on the sofa on a white towel. She is rubbing her clit through her panties for starts and clutching her breast and nipple. The panties slip between her slit and her labia are getting more and more puffy. Olivia reaches for a cream colored, bulbous vibe and peels the panties way to the side. Almost immediately the vibe elicits a moaning response and the clear juices are flowing onto the towel, as Olivia scoots her bottom further forward. She hisses and moans and pants - then turns off the toy - not wanting to cum too quickly. With the panties still pulled to the side Olivia finger plays with her clitoris once more. And then reaches for the rounded vibe again - first for her clit, then to insert deep into her pussy. Olivia strokes herself, moaning, with the toy. Then removes it to stimulate her clit. Olivia is tensing and moaning and hissing, "Oh, yeah. Oh." Rocking and moaning with the toy on her clit, Olivia cums hard and quivers a lot. She pulls the toy off of her and then pulls back on her mound as the contractions continue. She takes a brief moment to recover and then reaches for the toy again - and immediately her pussy is contracting once more - another multiple orgasm whammy. Her panties are drenched and she is quivering. And we fade to a scene in which Olivia is lying on her back on pink polka dotted bedsheets. This time, Olivia is set up with her purple clit pump firmly in place. Olivia told us this is her personal favorite. She removes the pump and dips a finger inside her wet vagina. She spreads her juices up to her now enlarged clitoris and continues to rub and smear the juices all around. Olivia has one hand spreading her pussy lips apart while the other works her clit, all the while her hips softly gyrate. Olivia is working the camera remote control, she likes the closeup pussy action and is gently, but methodically, rubbing her clit which is protruding quite a lot now. And, of course, Olivia's pussy is wet. But, then again, she's always wet. Olivia gently rubs the top of her clit from side-to-side, becoming more and more insistent and frantic until she pops out yet another perfectly popping orgasm! It's fast, too and full of very obvious, very visible contractions. She lies back, taking a moment to recover and catch her breath, closing her legs just slightly. Wearing a green tank top and black cotton panties, Olivia is propped up on pillows in her bedroom, softly stroking her pussy. She pulls the tank top up to expose her small breasts and perky, erect, nipples. Then, Olivia lifts her legs and peels her black panties off. Immediately, she dips a finger into her vagina, to lubricate her clit. There's minor television noise in the background, but Olivia likes to have slight noise so her roommates don't know when she's being naughty. Olivia puts her clit pump in place, gyrating her hips and rotating with the toy. After a bit, she removes the clit pump, smearing her juices all around on her clit. Then she reaches for the cream colored bulb vibe, stroking and spreading her juices even more. Olivia rocks her hips up to meet the toy, teasing, teasing, teasing herself. Then she inserts the toy deep into her wet pussy and slowly drags it out pressing firmly all the way up to her clit. Olivia lifts her leg up and back, rocking into the toy and then wham-o! She's cumming hard again! Another perfect popping orgasm. She turns off the toy and rests it on her chest and tummy, all the while recovering and slightly panting.

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