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Chocolate Honeys #5

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Marie Luv and Rodney: Marie is the kind of girl who makes her boyfriends wait a long time to get any. At least that's what she says. Funny though, when Rodney convinces her to take a break from studying to model a new line of clothing called "Pink Blues," it doesn't take him but ten minutes to get into her dark honeypot. She makes up for lost time, screaming and hollering as Rodney rams her, till he bursts on her face. Renee and Rodney: Renee auditions to be a convention model for a hardware company. All she has to do is hold up hardware for "Black and Yellow" tools. Unfortunately, she gets Rodney's hardware going and he's bound and determined to have this woman. First he tries to get her to show him her big brown double D's. It takes a lot of effort, but she finally shows them off. When he can't take it anymore, he pulls out his prick. Wow, seems like it's much easier to get her on her knees than it was just to get a little tittie flash. She sucks Rodney good, then he puts his prick into her dark honeypot. He goos up her face real good. Vida Valentine and Rodney: Vida finds out her younger sister has sucked dick in a porno. She likes to be able to say to her, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." So now that she has, she has to do the same thing her sister did so she can still say she didn't do what her sister hadn't done. Confused? Wait till you see the confusion Vida had getting these lines out of her mouth in the intro. However, she had no problem getting Rodney's cock into her mouth, nor his cum all over her face. Erika Kane and Rodney: Erika Kane works for "Suck It Up Girls." They send sexy girls out to vacuum horny guys' houses and allows them to masturbate while they watch. Some of the girls will suck other things up besides dust. Erika is definitely one of those. After pushing the vacuum cleaner around showing off her ample natural boobs and butt, she sucks up Rodney's cock, takes it up her pussy, then sucks down a big Rodney Blast. Shadow Sada and Rodney: Rodney meets Shadow at a coffee shop for an interview. She's ready to rock and roll. He takes her pack and does a video interview. He thinks he'll ask her a few questions to get her warmed up, but the first words out of her mouth are "I want to suck your cock!" Well, why bother with more questions after that. Turns out this cute, dark skinned coffee shop girl is very nasty and wants a lot of cream.

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