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He Deserves It

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Mistress Summer teams with Mistress Mimi for a lively and sadistic fifty-eight minute adventure of pain and submission. Big Slave Michael is subjected to a rigorous corporeal punishment session with Mistress Mimi and then she is joined by the beautiful young blonde Mistress Summer for trample and hard high heel domination and face sitting. They then tag team fuck him with their strap-ons and finally lay him down for a extended foot domination and foot job session. His cock emits a huge load under their feet at the end. Mistress Mimi has big Slave David lashed to the horse. It is time for some corporeal punishment. She notices he has bullwhip marks on his ass from some fun he had without permission. This really pisses Her off and also makes what She is about to do to him even more painful. She begins with the spanker and warms him up a bit and then beats on his big ass. She ties a heavy weight to the parachute harness ensnaring his ball sack and then resumes beating him. She switches to the hard wooden paddle and climbs up on his back and straddles him. Her high heels echo on the wood floor as she paces around the big bound captive. She pulls on the chain attached to the ball weight to make sure it is snug and then the cane in her hand wallops his ass. She walks around him so we get a nice view of her gorgeous ass in stockings and garters. She likes pulling on his balls and some good closeups of her cruel and beautiful face. About four minutes in Mistress Summer joins her and they begin to trample the slave who is now on the floor. They take turns standing on his front and then turn him over to walk on his back. They flip him again to his back and take turns face sitting him and stomping his hard cock. Hard high heels work his cock and balls over as the ladies take turns face sitting and cock stomping. They try and stick high heels into the head of his cock to make him grunt into their pussies. The slave’s cock takes lots of rough treatment as they switch back and forth sitting on his face and damaging his cock. About eight minutes into this clip they glove up and Mistress Mimi climbs on his back. He is again lashed to the horse and Mistress Summer is lubing and massaging his prostate while her partner holds his ass cheeks wide apart. Mistress Summer penetrates him. Mistress Summer loves to fuck males pure and simple. She begins to drill the big slave while Mistress Mimi rides on his back like a horse, holding his ass cheeks open so he can take it as deep as possible. She dismounts and gets the wooden paddle and beats his ass while Mistress Summer fucks him standing tall on Her high heels. They switch places and Mistress Mimi fucks him while Mistress Summer watches with delight. They begin to tag team fuck him, switching places every minute or two. Mistress Summer leans up against the big slave and removes her top, freeing her big beautiful natural breasts. About nine minutes into the clip the scene changes and he is on the floor and they begin to work on his cock with their bare feet. Beautiful, well-manicured red toes play on his stiff cock and swollen balls. A foot lovers dream clip as both ladies knead and stroke his cock for the full clip. Their perfect toes squeeze his shaft and tickle his balls. One holds a foot beneath his cock and the other rubs her heels hard on the underside. Both feet clutch and jerk up and down in Mistress Summer’s signature move. The slave orgasms at the end and a huge load emerges from the tip of his cock. The cum is rubbed and squeezed in by all four feet and he licks off the remains from their beautiful feet at the very end.

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