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Balls Deep (Lakeview Entertainment)
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment Categories: Femdom, Dominant Woman
Pornstars: Steve Lake

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Treat yourself to a festival of fun with the exciting Mistress London as She subjugates Jack. Clad in a black leather bikini, heels and hose, Mistress London applies nipple torment before face fucking Jack. He then cleans Her wet pussy and She attacks his ass pussy with two strap-ons. Manually inserting a large dildo at the end, She manages to get both Her strap-on and the huge rubber cock in for a grand finale. Mistress London had Jack on his back in chains and contemplated face fucking him as She looked at the rubber cock strapped to his face. But first, he had a bit of high heel torment to take to earn the face fucking. His cries made Her horny and She moved over his torso to attach the threaded nipple clamps. She screwed until his nipples stood out from his body and choked him a bit for good measure. Mistress London employed the slapper and some clothes pins to keep Jack's attention focused on the pain. She took off Her leather panties and moved over the cock on his face. Impaled deeply on the rubber cock, She ground Her pussy in his face and then turned to ride him while tightening his nipple clamps. Satisfied, She removed the face dildo and made him suck Her juices from the cock. Jack was obliged to clean Mistress London's pussy. It was extremely wet from the face fucking She had given him and he licked it entirely clean. She sat heavily on his face and applied the slapper to his clothes pinned balls. Moving behind him wearing the first of two strap-ons, Mistress London entered him and slowly leaned in until She was deep in his ass. She started a long fucking of Her bitch boy. Over and over She drove into Her obliging slut until he was fully loose. Mistress London energetically drilled Jack from behind, slamming into him deep and long. High energy and no break in the action for some of our best strap-on action ever. She pulled out and told him it was time for the larger cock. Now sporting a much larger strap-on, She made him beg to suck it and face fucked him before positioning Herself behind him while he was bent over the red kneeler. Mistress London completely controls Jack and relentlessly fucks him from behind. She froggy fucks him with Her bare foot up high and laughs as She tells him She is balls deep in his gaping ass pussy. He squeals and wiggles but She does not tire and mercilessly slams Her large cock into the submissive. Fetching a very large dildo, She decides to see if She can use both cocks in him at the same time. She gets both in and fucks him while the dildo is also stretching his ass. She finishes by manually fucking him extremely fast and hard while squeezing his sore testicles.

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