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What Does It Take

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Rachel Steele and Sabrina Fox teach give slut tosha a lesson in servitude. The Ladies freshen up and he is used as a human spitoon before they sit and smoke and talk while he plays boot cleaner and ashtray. Down in the dungeon they bend him over and fill his backside before returning to the kitchen and humiliating him. Mistress Sabrina Fox and Mistress Rachel Steele are cleaning up from the days activities in the bathroom. Mistress Sabrina orders tosha to crawl in to act as Her spittoon as She brushes Her teeth. Rachel finds this quite amusing and the ladies adjourn to the kitchen to have a smoke. The talk and smoke and Rachel calls tosha into the kitchen to have him service Her black boots. The Ladies finish their cigarettes and move down to the dungeon where their little slut is positioned over the spanking horse. Mistress Sabrina squares off behind him and squats down with the paddle. Rachel decides to festoon the back of his balls with clothespins as Her partner continues warming up his ass with the slapper. His ass cheeks start to to turn red and the women turn more sadistic. Mistress Sabrina loosens up tosha’s asshole with the dildo stick and then turns it over to Rachel Steele who starts to drill his ass as Mistress Sabrina resumes corporeal punishment while standing above him. Rachel puts on a strap-on and enters his now loosened hole. Mistress Sabrina pulls Her body suit aside and puts Her pussy in front of his face and orders him to tongue Her as Rachel continues fucking him from behind. Rachel keeps fucking him as Sabrina turns to have him clean Her ass and then begins to whip his back. Rachel Steele pulls out of tosha’s ass and moves in front of him to have him clean off Her cock as Mistress Sabrina finishes tenderizing his ass with Her whip. The Ladies adjourn to the kitchen to take a break and decide it is time to really humiliate the little submissive. They order him to his back and then take turns cleaning their pussies out above him. Mistress Sabrina gives him a drink of cool water directly from the enema bag dangling above him. The Ladies order tosha to his knees and put his face into the wet towel. They use him as a foot stand and then decide to have another smoke. Both light cigarettes and utilize tosha as their ashtray. They talk and smoke and flick their ashes into the submissive’s mouth. Mistress Rachel orders him down to worship Her boots and his head goes up and down; licking the boots and then coming up to take their cigarette ash. Rachel rises, removes Her black panties and shoves them into tosha’s mouth. She sticks Her ass in his face and tells him to try and lick through the panties and to sniff Her asshole deep. She moves Her pussy in front of him and he struggles to lick Her although the panties fill his mouth. Mistress Sabrina takes up a crop and punishes him for a poor performance as Rachel teases him a bit with Her mouth.

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