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Fucktoy For Rachel Steel

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Enjoy watching Mistress Rachel Steele use her fucktoy for a full fifty-seven minutes. She makes him use his tongue for her pleasure. Then when he is nearly smothered with Her pantyhose covered pussy she cuts out the panal and introduces him to Her wet cavern. She uses the implements nearby to remind the submissive who’s in charge. Teasing and smacking him repeatedly. Then when she is ready to find satisfaction with the slut fucktoy she uses his bound and pinched cock for her pleasure. Eventually the worthless piece of shit gives her the snowball she desires. Mistress Rachel taunts her submissive Tosha and calls him to her pantyhose crotch spread and waiting for him. She reminds him what he is there for, her pleasure, and commands him to lick her pantyhose panel until it is soaked through. She wraps her legs around his head and uses her wet pussy to smother the sissy clad submissive. She seats him on the floor, straps him up and reminds him who is boss by grinding Her crotch against his face. As she sits on his face he struggles for breath and she lets out a laugh, it’s all he is worth to be smothered by her. Mistress Rachel decides the hose panel is in the way. She cuts it out of Her crotch and makes the little slut breathe in the scent of her wetness in, and taste it on his tongue. Then she climbs on board and rubs her gaping wet hole all over his face. Commanding him to suck her and lick her and make her wet he does as told. She stands up and makes him lick the bottom of her pantyhose covered foot, shoving the toes in as far as she can trying to gag the little slut. She then uses the useless submissive to make her cum over and over. After the little slut has made Mistress Rachel satisfied with his tongue on Her exposed wet hole, when he has cleaned the bottom of Her hose covered feet to Her satisfaction She places the submissive on the table and ties him down. She reminds him of his place by slapping his feet and using Her whip on them. Mistress Rachel uses all her weaponry to torment the little sissy. She tickles the bottoms of his feet and laughs at the discomfort she is causing. Then she decides his cock needs some tormenting so She grabs clothespins and snaps them hard on his swollen balls. She takes his cock in Her mouth and bites the sissy meat. She has almost prepared the fucktoy for his intended purpose. Mistress Rachel takes his cock in her hands and strokes it, but that is too good for the little sissy. She pulls out the nipple clamps and listens as he screams in pain while they pinch his nipples. Then she smacks his cock many times, reminding him who is in charge. Mistress Rachel wastes no time getting the little cock hard after it’s torment and she is ready to use the toy as it was meant to be used. She climbs up on the strapped in submissive and uses his bound cock for her enjoyment. Sucking the cock into Her wet and waiting pussy. The fucktoy of Mistress Rachel can’t get away and while she pleasures herself She reminds him who’s boss by pulling on the nipple clamps attached to his nipples. She smiles as he screams out in pain. She decides it is time for the fucktoy to be used. As she rides his useless cock She reaches around and pulls on the nipple clamps while he the sissy shouts out and cannot move. She pounds the meat repeatedly while the slut is made to wait to explode his jizz. Mistress Rachel decides the piece of human waste must finish to Her satisfaction so she clamors off of it and removes the condom presenting it to his slut mouth to taste her juices. She smiles as she torments his cock. Sucking, licking smacking the piece of sissy meat until it finally delivers. She then has him empty his cream in her mouth stands and shares it with him, making him clean her and swallow all of his load. She smiles as she watches the submissive sissy gasp and gag on his own cum.

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