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Breaking Bi

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Mistress Tangent sits above her nasty bisex slave pig slut, her black boots gleaming. He is going to serve as a mouth hole to break in a slave that has never been bi. She tells him to stroke off. She spits down his throat and he ejaculates onto the bottom of her boot. He licks it clean and then in the next scene the clothed slave is addressed by Mistress Tangent as her slave hole sits waiting to be used. Mistress Tangent entices him with her body and orders him to strip. She examines his cock, attaches a leash and collar and puts him to his knees to kiss her pantyhose covered ass. Mistress Tangent whispers sweet nothings in his ear and leads him over to stick his dick into the mouth hole kneeling on the floor. She enjoys his ackwardness at having another man sucking his cock. She looks deep into his eyes and tells him he will be aroused by another man for the first time because it will please her. His cock stiffens at this attention and from the sucking. She puts him to his knees to worship Her boots and cool off a bit before bending him over the desk. She spanks him after positioning the other slave beneath him to teabag his balls and suck the tip of his cock as She hits his ass. She orders the slave hole back and moves in to butt fuck the new slave’s ass. Mistress Tangent fucks his ass, driving her slim muscular pantyhose covered hips hard so the cock is deep up inside him. She pulls out and moves him into position to get his still semi-hard cock sucked while she ties his hands behind him with a pair of pantyhose. Back to the desk for more strap-on and then to the sucking station. She repeats this three times and then, when his dick leaves the cock whore’s mouth stiff as a rod, she fucks it with a fleshlight so he is close to coming and then he face fucks the kneeling slave. Mistress Tangent slowly removes her sexy bra and shows the slave her tits up close as his cock is being sucked. He is so horny now it looks like he has turned bisexual, associating her with pleasure. She bends him over the desk and fucks him while topless then stands him up and turns him so her mouth hole slave can suck his cock. She fucks him a bit with the fleshlight and then orders the kneeling slave to suck. The new bisex slave is now ready to come so Mistress Tangent stops suddenly and has her mouth hole under foot while he cools off. She fucks him again over the chair and then positions him flat on his back while ordering the mouth hole to go to work. Her gorgeous ass is on his face and Mistress Tangent holds his cockshaft with a pair of tongs as the mouth hole works the tip of his cock, slaving his tongue around the ridge. Mistress Tangent bounces up and down on his face and then suddenly slides a vibrator under his cock. He shoots a big load into the nursing mouth of the slave licking between his legs. The mouth hole licks up the wads of cum while Mistress Tangent looks very happy sitting on the spent slave’s face.

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