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Paradise (Lakeview Entertainment)

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He is confronted with two pair of high spiked heels and hears an order to worship. He makes his way lovingly up two slim, strong sets of nylon covered legs as Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa warm him up for what is to come. His cock throbs inside his pantyhose as the two allow him to kiss and lick the nylon, warmed by the young taut flesh and show his gratitude for he is in Paradise. As he moves upwards he sees that both are topless, their firm natural breasts bobble with excitement as they laugh at his eagerness. Mistress Tangent moves to put on a strap-on and positions it in front of his face as Mistress Severa moves to put on her own appendage. Both plan on spit roasting him from either end. She sits on his back to tighten down the harness as he sucks Mistress Tangent’s cock that is conveniently right in front of his face. Now Mistress Severa joins her and she gets a turn at the hole that is his mouth. Once her cock is lubed with his spit they have him move the purple bench into position and Mistress Severa moves to cut a tiny hole in the back side of his pantyhose to fuck him through. Mistress Severa cuts a hole in the backside of his pantyhose as Mistress Tangent straddles his back. They begin to finger his slut hole up and lube and play with his ripe ass. They want their target nice and ready for the double fucking that is coming to him. Mistress Severa finds his ass is greedy and puts four fingers in. Mistress Tangent switches places with her to have a go at his backside with her talented hands. His breathing is strained as Mistress Severa rides on his back and holds his ass cheeks open for her partner. A few nice globs of spit into his now loose hole and Mistress Tangent buries her cock into his ass while Mistress Severa rides him like a pony and holds his cheeks wide apart while enjoying the view. Mistress Severa dismounts from the slut’s back and moves her cock in front of his face. She hits him with it a few times and then commands him to suck it while Mitsress Tangent drills him from the back. They have a splendid time as they fill both his holes front and back and then Mistress Severa moves behind him and takes her turn at his whore hole in the back. Mistress Tangent moves to the front after hugging and leaning into Severa and watching the show as he moans and groans from her cock in his ass. She strides to the front and fills his mouth with Her cock as Severa pounds him from behind.

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