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Marriage 2.0

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In Marriage 2.0, beautiful Bay Area documentarian India (India Summer) wants to love unconditionally — we all do — but as she pushes the boundaries of her relationship with her long-time boyfriend (Ryan Driller), she finds that tearing down boundaries is much easier than creating new rules to live by. Lost in this new cultural landscape of the open relationship, India seeks the sage advice of luminaries such as Christopher Ryan (bestselling author of Sex At Dawn) and Nina Hartley (in an equally sexy, poignant, and hilarious performance as India's mother) — but will she follow it? Set against the vivid, natural beauty of Northern California and San Francisco - the cultural epicenter of the alternative relationship movement - Marriage 2.0 celebrates a modern redefinition of the committed relationship as a springboard for adventure, where unfettered physical and emotional intimacy can fuel our passion while strengthening the bond with those we love. "Marriage 2.0 is a unique and powerful film, intelligently and emotionally bridging the divide between mainstream filmmaking and the adult industry, and offering a really one of a kind cinematic experience." -BaDoink 'Marriage 2.0 is a potential game changer for the porn industry.' -THE DEBRIEF 'It is the kind of movie that I, as a critic, have been waiting to see come to life for many years. It is truly a mainstream film, with sex that plays in perfect harmony with the story.' -ALL ADULT NETWORK 'A rare achievement in progressive adult filmmaking, "Marriage 2.0" will make viewers think with its strong statements about culture, commitment and unconditional love.' -XBIZ 'Marriage 2.0 demands a seat at the indie filmmakers' table.' -AVN.COM 'a different kind of porno...both entertaining and enjoyable in a way that we just don't come to expect from a general porn feature OR a Hollywood movie' -XCRITIC "Marriage 2.0, is an incredibly positive statement about our tastes, it's an incredibly positive belief that people want their brain and heart engaged along with their loins" -GREATSEXPECTATIONS.ORG Marriage 2.0 cited as part of a rival in Indie film making. -411Mania.com Marriage 2.0 wins CineKink's Audience Choice Award - Best Narrative Feature -CINEKINK Winner, 'Best Movie of the Year: 2015' Feminist Porn Awards -FEMINIST PORN AWARDS The Citizen Kane of porn has finally arrived -BROKEASSSTUART.COM 'There's nothing like it out there.' -TRISTAN TAORMINO '...erotic art for smart people' -CHRISTOPHER RYAN '...a high-quality, story-driven movie with explicit sex scenes that are in the service of the plot. Imagine that!' -SALON.COM Life on the Swingset raves about Marriage 2.0 -LIFEONTHESWINGSET.COM Premier article: 'Marriage 2.0 is a legitimate cinematic achievement with a dialog-driven plot, moving performances and stunning cinematography' -SFIST.COM

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