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Memoirs Of Bad Mommies #11
Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films Categories: MILF
Pornstars: Jay West

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Mother stands in the kitchen, leafing through her recipe book, as good mothers will do, trying to pick out something for dinner. Her Step-son Jimmy walks in and notices her biting her nails again. Mother is not sure when she picked up that nervous habit, but it has become a point of irritation for everyone. As if keeping the home running right and providing her family with the things they need for the day were not enough, now she has to go to the nail salon and fix what she is continuously damaging... her own fingernails! "I know how you can get rid of that habit" Jimmy offers, seeing his stepmother bite her fingernails again. "I saw a guy help a friend of mine quit smoking through " Jimmy continues, but there is a glint in his eye that might lead you to not trust him. "Oh, I don't think those things work. Besides, I have much to strong of a mind to be " Mother responds. As Jimmy continues his convincing argument, Mother finally gives in and allows him to try. Jimmy takes her necklace.. and while slowly talking to her.. puts her into a deep trance. Jimmy does what he said he would do. He orders her not to bite her fingernails anymore, in fact, they would taste bitter and disgusting to her if she did. But just as he was about to awaken her, he had a thought. Jimmy has been watching Mother a little too close, and his urges and inappropriate thoughts have been getting the best of him during his masturbation time. He has been thinking about Mother's mature form and the taboo thoughts of how it would feel to make love to her. What if her could have the real thing, instead of just a fantasy while he is forcing his ejaculation..... Jimmy quietly says "also, when I say the word... You will have an uncontrollable desire to please me sexually!" Jimmy thinks it probably will not work, after all, you only do what you want to do when your , Right? Jodi comes home from yoga to find her stepson working hard on his school project. Jodi quickly makes a lame excuse to get close to him, saying she needs some training on the computer! As she sits on his lap, she grinds her tight ass into his crotch. She feels his cock grow and strain in his shorts, and she knows he has to relieve himself soon. She commences to grind, jerk and tit fuck this young man, until he can't take it anymore! She fucks him with her round asscheeks, and explodes all over! She then lovingly cleans every last drop of semen from his cock. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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