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Mother-Son Secrets #4

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Mother is very excited! It seems she has come from a neighbor's rummage sale, and has brought home a super find! One of her neighbors was selling some kind of exercise swing, and Mother was quick enough to take advantage of the sale! She has been trying to find new ways to keep in shape, and by the looks of this exercise equipment, it might hit new areas for her work out. Her stepson has other ideas... He knows that her sexy neighbor has a kinky side, and that the swing his stepMother bought was NOT for the kind of exercise Mother is imagining. When Mother asks Jimmy to hang the swing for her, he is more than happy to oblige, as long as Mother promises to "use" the swing with HIM! Poor, naive Mother agrees. After all, working out together might be fun... Jimmy goes to work and hangs the swing, but he has chosen an odd place to hang it. He hung it in his step-Mother's bedroom, and when she gets home, she is not sure why it is there! Jimmy explains that is is a different kind of exercise swing, and with just a short dress on, Mother gets in the swing innocently.. As soon as Mother is in the swing, unaware of how exposed and vulnerable she is, Jimmy wants to show her how it really works. With her dress riding up slowly, Jimmy starts to take off his shorts and has gotten and instant erection seeing Mother in the swing! "Jimmy! What are you doing!" His step mother exclaims, seeing him moving towards her, with his engorged member leading the way. "You asked me to show you how this swing worked.." Before all the words even go out, Jimmy's youthful manhood slides into Mother's exposed pussy! Mother's objections fell on deaf ears as he plunges deep into her womb. It only took a few strokes before Mother could not object anymore, and was swept away with passion! Please note, any family familiar references are only terms of endearment, and are not meant to indicate any actual or implied biological relationship. Tim woke up this morning with a hard-on as usual. He enters the kitchen to get his breakfast cereal. Walks past his Dad who is engrossed in the newspaper and then, while reaching for the box, falls against his Step- Mother who is doing the dishes at the sink. His erection presses against her ass in her business suit, and she is shocked as he stalls for just a moment! He jumps away quickly knowing his Mother is going to yell at him, but she doesn't! "Did you get what you were reaching for?" his stepmother asks. Shocked, he checks to make sure his Dad did not see anything just a few feet away, but his Father is still engrossed in the daily news. The cat and mouse game continues for several mornings in this VERY TABOO FANTASY! Torn on what to do, Mother sits down with her stepson and informs him "you better know what you really want" with these morning charades. Finally, all walls are broken down, and on the final morning, both StepMother and Stepsonon lose what little control they have left. Will this go too far, or will these two regain their senses before its too late? PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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