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Mother-Son Secrets #3

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Mother is on the phone when her Step-son Levi gets home from school. She quickly hangs up and brings him into the bedroom to have a talk. A very serious talk that she knows will upset the young man. She starts by saying that she still loves his father and him, and that although his father has been a good provider, there are other things that go into keeping a marriage alive. "Levi, I have needs, needs your father can't provide for.." she tells him, knowing that in his youth he would never understand the unquenched sexual thirst of a mature woman. She tells him she needs a divorce, so she can pursue the fulfillment she desires. "Now go into your room and pack, I have left some boxes in there for you." Poor Levi's heart is broken. How could this happen. There had to be something he could do! Later that day, Levi overhears Mother on the phone again. Did he hear right? Was it just sexual desires that needed fulfilling? It that how he could keep his family together? "How long have you been standing there?" Mother asks, finally noticing him at the door. She excuses herself off the phone again, and has Levi into her room. She hands him a few of his father's things to pack, but Levi doesn't take them. Levi knows what has to be done. "I overheard what you said. If I could give you what you needed, then we could keep everything like it is" Levi says to Mother and sits behind her while she packs. His strong but youthful hand brushes aside her hair. What was Levi proposing? Could he even be serious? He did remind Mother so much of his father when he was younger, and at that age he could give her everything her body ached for. "Well, I guess that would could keep up appearances..." Mother says, but Levi hears hesitation in her voice. The young man knows he must take initiative to convince Mother this is the best for the family. He grabs her blouse from behind and rips it open. Buttons go flying from her newly exposed chest. Mother's breasts strain against her bra during the tumble. He spins her around and forces her to the bed. If he could just start this process, he knows her desires would take her over, and they could start to make love. Levi's gamble seems to be paying off, as Mother slowly gives into his rough advances. Soon, they are doing something so forbidden that they could tell no one, especially his father! In the end, Mother rides his hard erection to the point he cant take it anymore! When he withdraws from her, he explodes in streams of thick, pearl colored ejaculation that slowly runs from her stomach, down through her pussy lips. When Jodi's stepson Chaz came home on school break, he found his stepmom cooking in the kitchen. Excitedly she has him sit as she finishes preparations on the family meal. The young man just can't help himself, and while she is bent over getting something for cooking, he grabs her perfect ass! "Oh! You can't wait, canyou? Your father will be home soon, so we have to make this quick!" She proceeds to suck Juniors big cock and have him eat his mommies' pussy, then finish her off with a nice fucking right on the kitchen floor! She has him clean up his cum with her apron...Just in time as his father pulls up! PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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