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Mother-Son Secrets #2

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Levi, dressed for the weather in his prep school sweater, is in a rush to get the final touches done on the computer for his theology paper. His Step-Mother walks in, wearing a starched white shirt and form fitting skirt, making sure the lad has everything he needs for his day. Levi had no time to talk as her rushes to pack his book bag for the day and leave. "Don't forget about you dentist appointment I made you after school" Mother reminds him as he rushes off. Levi voices a confirmation, and with a peck on her check, dashes out the front door... "Levi, Wait!" Mother exclaims, realizing he has left his laptop computer behind in all the bustle.... Her hand is on the still open laptop cover. By not shutting it, the laptop has remained on and she does not need a password to access what is inside! Mother's inquisitive nature gets the best of her, and she just wants to make sure the young man is not getting into too much trouble. After all, she has been able to afford to give him a life of privilege. The best clothes. The best schools. But even with all that, some young men take the wrong paths in life, and a quick check of his browser history on his computer will confirm that he is only looking a site wholesome and healthy for a man of his position. What Mother finds is shocking. As she scrolls down the page, she sees site after site of older women, younger man sexual exploitations. Quite a few of them even depicting StepMother / StepSon sexual acts! Could it be that when his father died, he was left without a proper male role model and started filling pieces of life's puzzle just using Mother and himself? Mother had to admit to herself, even with all the business successes she has had, there has been a underlying void in her life. One that she has from time to time filled with fantasies of her and her step-son. He has developed into such a fine, young specimen of a man. There was only one thing to do about this. When Levi gets home for the day, she will confront him about this and get everything out in the open. Looking at the clock on the wall, Mother hears the front door open and calls Levi in. She has him have a seat next to her on the couch with the laptop in front of them. Mother then proceeds to show him the sites she has found, and addresses some of her concerns. Levi is mortified! How could she know about his lusts for her! Embarrassed he recoils into himself. Mother slowly closes the laptop and explains that these feelings are natural, that they are part of becoming a young man. What she does next shocks Levi. "I will teach you that it is perfectly natural to have these feelings for mature women. Mother proceeds to slowly explain that she will show him that it is not wrong to want what he wants, and that she will instruct him on the proper way to make love to a mature woman. Mother slowly opens the center of her browse and guides her step-son's hand to her bosom, "Can you feel the weight of a mature breast, Levi?" Mother asks. She then pulls down her bra and lets him suckle at her well developed teet. Mother then stands up, slowly lifts her skirt, reviling garters and stocking. She then lowers her panties so Levi can see her vagina. It is natural for a young man to be inquisitive, and Mother lays back for him to examine, touch, and taste her pussy. It has gotten very wet and she wants Levi to know that is a good thing. Mother knows what the next step has to be, and so she instructs the lad to stand up and disrobe in front of her. As his short pants are lowered, Mother sees he has an extremely engorged erection. It stands straight up, straining against its own flesh and in desperate need of release. "I thought that would happen" Mother says, soothingly to Levi, then continues to explain the next step.. Mother lays back and has Levi slide his hardness into her. "That's it, in and out strokes" Mother instructs and starts to enjoy the copulation, but Levi is inexperienced and cannot hold out very long. It seems like he just got in her and a strange, funny feeling is happening inside him! Quickly Levi withdraws from Mother and starts to shoot his seed uncontrollably. "That's Okay, That's Okay" Mother reassures him that is what is supposed to happen. As levi stands over Mother, still heaving breaths, Mother says "thers nothing to be embarrassed about. Next time we will work on making it last a little longer". Mother instructs him to clean up and finish his homework. Then, still covered in the young man's semen, pulls her skirt down, straightens up and leaves to make dinner..... Mother is going out for drinks with her friends. It has been a long time since she has dressed up and wow the fashions have changed. It seems that the young girls are all wearing very low tops and tiny dresses. Mother is just not certain she has the confidence to wear these dresses that her friend lent to her for the night. With her husband traveling so much, it's hard to get a word encouragement from him, so she calls her step-son in to help. As she is holding up dresses and adjusting her top, her step-son sits nervously watching as her mom's outfits get more and more revealing! "I think this is how the young girls wear them" Mother says as she adjust her top to the point her breasts are almost hanging out! "I just want to make sure I still look good" she says. Mother adjust her dress and bends over, trying to see if it would hike up too much. As tight as it was, there was going to be no way she could wear the colorful panties she had on. Seeing her son could not help but notice her dress had hiked up far enough for him to see her pussy, she said "Do you think my pussy still looks good enough to flash like the young girls do?". Her stepson is now about ready to explode, and definitely not ready for what she is going to say next. "If only there was a way to make sure it still felt good" Mother says, and then proposes something very stunning to her stepson. "If there was a way you could just put your thing inside me for a minute, you could tell me if is still felt good like the young girls"! Stunned, her stepson stands up, and we see that his stepmother has given him a MASSIVE erection in his shorts. There is no hiding his lust for his mother now! What was supposed to be for just a minute, turns into a passionate tryst of forbidden desires! In the end, with his mother riding up and down on his cock, he looses control and she pulls him out of her pussy just in time, and pumps out all the reassurance that she was looking for! PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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