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Blended and Twisted #1 - A Modern Family Saga About Bigger Love

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When Mother takes a new husband, complete with a new Step-son named Jimmy, all hell breaks loose in the family house. Mother has to re-assure her first son Levi, that just because the family is getting bigger again, that does not mean she will not have plenty of Mother's special time for him! After packing the lunches for everyone, Mother could tell there was something wrong with Levi. When she heard he was having a half day at school, she knew she needed to console him that afternoon. Levi entered Mother's room a bit down, but after her soothing words, he knew everything was going to be okay. Once they realized they were almost alone in the family house, they knew just the way they could show their loyalty and love for each other! Their platonic embrace turned to passionate love making as this twisted, ongoing romance re-solidified itself! Mother also knew Levi would have to be a strong ally if she was going to keep this special family together and strong! Jimmy sits next to his new sister Lexi, with a unorthodox proposition! Lexi is texting on her phone, when Jimmy strokes her legs and comments on how nice they are. "What are you doing?" Lexi asks. Jimmy proceeds to explain that he is looking for his sister to give him a handjob! After some convincing, Lexi finally gives in and strokes Jimmy off... "What are you doing?!" Mother barges in. She has been watching from a distance, and waits until her stepson has relived himself on Lexi's chest. Mother sends Jimmy to his room and helps young Lexi clean his semen off her breasts and hands. This is just the time Mother has been waiting for. She has wanted Lexi confused and vulnerable a she can manipulate her adopted daughter into having sex with her. Before the seed even dry, Mother is deceiving Lexi and seducing her!! She undresses Lexi and proceeds to make love to the innocent girl!! The next day, Lexi wrights a note to Mother and leaves it on her bed. She wants out of this family and has to find some answers. Her brother Levi stops her. "What are you packed for" Levi asks, looking down at her suitcase. Lexi confides in him that she needs to find out a few things, to include if she even likes boys! Levi knows he does not want to loose lexi from the family. He convinces her that she needs to stay, and her will help her with her decisions if she likes boys. Lexi confides even further, that she has never even been with a boy!! Levi takes his step-sister to Mother's the bed, and slowly convinces her that he should be the one she looses her virginity to! Then she could decide if she really likes boy or girls! This hot scene ends with Levi shooting stream after stream of this seed all over his young sister. Jimmy is alone in his bedroom when Mother comes in. "That was very inappropriate of you. What you did with your new sister." Mother talks calmly with young Jimmy. Jimmy thinks he is going to get into big trouble. Mother is on her way to dinner with his father, and he was hoping to avoid this. Mother then explains that if anyone is going to decide who has sex in the family, IT WOULD BE HER!!! Jimmy can not believe his ears. Did Mother just say what he thought she said?! But the feel of her hand on the inside of his jeans told him it was true! Soon, Mother's mouth is on Jimmy's penis, and once she has worked it to it's full hardness, she commences to have her new son fuck her while his father waits for her downstairs. Jimmy is enjoying sex with Mother so much, that she has to remind him not to shot his semen inside her. When he ejaculates, his filth covers Mothers bottom and back. She lays with him a bit, kisses him gently, then must get ready for dinner with his father.... PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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