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Little Asian Transsexuals #7
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual

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The Little Asian Transsexuals series from Third World Media has ingested some Viagra and is running in overdrive! Little Asian Transsexuals #7 features the finest selection of five brand new ladyboys, shot entirely on location in the exotic land with the prettiest t-girls of all; Thailand. Benz is twenty one years old with a pierced tongue and an uncut meaty eight incher that stays rock hard from beginning to end. She has big beautiful boobs with nipples that jump to attention with the slightest of stimuli. Her legs are long, sexy, and flexible enough to wrap around her own head as her stud splits her butt cheeks wide and she cums all over her own tight and tucked tummy. Wan is an eighteen year old, fair skinned ladyboy who is barely out of puberty but ready to take on the world. This flat chested cutie speaks good English, which came in handy for Alan, our man on the Thai ladyboy scene. Alan doesn't take no shit from these trannies, and starts by tearing off her blue jean mini skirt, slapping her in the face with his long cock, and then throat gags this youngster like she's being force fed an oversized pacifier. Wan seems to like the nature of Alan's play, and reciprocates by making Alan choke a bit on her own man meat. These two fuck good and hard before Alan forces her into submission and fills up her malnourished oral orifice with a load of protein supplement. Wan, not to be outmatched, blasts a big load of her own all over her chest. Lee (cover girl) and Kong are "girlfriends" that attract a lot of attention wherever they go. They both had their hair braided at the beach in Pattaya and are out enjoying a beautiful day, before hopping on their motorbikes and heading home to enjoy some essential private time between friends. Both are 100% natural and passable; Lee has the smaller, darker nutsack, and Kong has the larger dong, completely hairless too! Lee mounts up Kong in the kitchen and fucks her tight T-ass nice and long before these girls share the ultimate gift of jerking off on each other's pretty young faces. Jiji is a twenty year old who enjoys watching American porno in her free time. She has all the moves and all the words down pat; "I like sperm so much," she pleads. This trash talkin whore rams her cock deep down her boyfriends throat before ordering him to cram it deep inside her own cram hole. He obliges, as she proceeds to slap her own ass and shove four of her own fingers up there too; alongside her boyfriend's cock! He finally offloads right in her eye as she dumps some large, thick and creamy stuff of her own. DVD Features: 5 Bonus ScenesPhoto Gallery TrailersScene Selection PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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