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Bi Pole Her #3

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Bi Pole Her is back! Volume three has stepped things up even more; with all Asses, Mouths and Pussies stuffed to capacity! Nicole (Cover Girl) is a very petite Latin girl with dark hair and pretty smile. Her boyfriends pick her up from the bus station, ever so anxious to get back home. This odd group shares more than simple friendship for one another, as Sandro- her white skinned friend- and the very muscular Latino, Rick, get busy warming up her hungry snatch and small, yet very perky tits. As cocks start droppin, mouths start workin, taking no time for everyone in this love triangle to get to know one another even better. Nicole force feeds Sandro's cock to Rick, before she moves him aside to teach him some advbanced cock sucking skills. Rick hops on Sandro, warming up his ass, as Nicole sucks his still slightly limp sausage. Sandro is slightly gayer than Rick, but everyone is doing their best to help Rick get in better touch with his gay side. He gets his chance to show what he has learned on Sandro's ass, before they both get a piece of Nicole's sweet shitter too. The guys stand up surrounding little Nicole, as they blow loads consecutively in her mouth and on her pretty face. The three shower off and plan their next rendevous. Anna Bella is small and very cute, with a baby face and dark brown hair. Her love is torn between 2 guys, whose own love is already torn between themselves. Arconjo is slim and white with tatoos, while his friend Alexandre is Latino with hard pecks and pierced nipples. Anna Bella runs the show, making Alexandre suck Arconjo's cock, choking and gagging on it as he goes. Anna Bella has little problem sucking any cock, let alone these guys, as she demonstrates how cock sucking should really be done. They take turns chowing on her hairless snatcher, while the boys enjoy a little time sucking on each other's cocks. Alex and Anna Bella share licks of Arconjo's stick, before Alex jumps on bareback for a solid ass stuffin. Alex's ass may be full, but his cock is still stuffing Anna Bellas mouth just fine. Alex pulls Arconjo's cock out of his own ass and puts it straight in his own mouth for a thorough ATM cleansing. They switch things up, as Alex gets his turn at Arconjo's hairy bung. He grunts like a pig as Alex goes deep and Anna sucks his meat at the same time. Another round of ATM proceeds a choo-choo train fuck, with a little pussy to mouth too. From Alex's ass to Anna's pussy, Arconjo does it all before the boys unload some large shots on top of little Anna as well as each other. They all kiss and shower each other clean before saying goodbye for now. Ana is a hot little blonde with some very diverse interests. She enjoys watching 2 guys fuck each other as long as she gets some too. She makes sure the boys, Arconjo and Erick- a small Latino dude, understand and play by her rules. She helps the boys suck cock better with a hands on demonstration. They learn quickly and suck each others meat as they beat off and lick Ana's pussy out. Arconjo goes to fuck Ana but is ordered to take care of young Erick first. He crams his ass and humps him hard as the 2 spoon on the bed. Erick gets a fresh taste of his own ass off Arconjo's hard and long shaft. Arconjo doesnt stop there, and pulls it out of Ericks ass and straight into Ana's young pussy. Ana loves all the attention so much she orders the 2 to cum all over her golden skin and sexy tan lines. They all take long showers and wash each other off. Bianca Lopes is out shopping for lingerie to show off to her friends- Rafael and Bruno. Rafael is Latino and very macho while Bruno is young, white skinned, blue eyed and hungry for cock and pussy too. Bianca is a very hot brunette with dark skin and some very naughty ideas for her two boyfriends. She makes them strip down but won't get naked herself till the boys kiss and touch eachother a bit. They oblige and play along with her game. She dresses them in ladies underwear as she sucks both their cocks. Young Bruno's cock is very hard and points northward as Rafael starts to suck on it. Bianca gives him a few tips on how to suck better as the three quickly transcend into a sexual free for all. With cocks being sucked and pussy being eaten, little Bruno is ready to shove his stiff one in Bianca's pussy when she stops the action and makes him fuck Rafael's tough ass instead. Rafael isn't so tough with his legs split and Bruno's big one shoved up inside, but he handles it well. Rafael gets his shot at Bruno's bung too, as Bruno bounces around on Rafael's stem. With balls jiggling and cock bouncing, Bianca spreads her legs to give Bruno a taste before the boys pull out of each other's asses and finally give Bianca her fill of anal too. The guys pull out to time two consecutive cumloads all over her neck and chest. The 3 shower to wash all the yuk away.

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