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Teen Japan
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Asian

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Japanese teens are not only fashionable and trend savvy, the girls are all incredibly hot and ready to expand their sexual horizons. They come in different shapes and sizes- tall and small, big boobs and no boobs, chubby and skinny, puffy nipples and raisin tips are just a few of those differences. However, an overwhelming desire to please their man and satisfy their own intense vaginal cravings is what these young ladies all seem to share in common. Nana is our ultra cute Cover Girl. Her long pretty light brown hair, fashionable dress and tiny titties are hot, but her furry fuck hole and squirt-filled pussy are even hotter. Her tittles maybe small but her nipples stand hard at attention with the slightest thought of being near cock. Her raisin tips are very sensitive to the touch, as is her neck and very flat stomach. Her slush filled hole is warm and soft, filling to the brim with her toxic Japanese love potion. Her young mouth appears to have had some prior experience with sucking cock, as she handles this task with little trouble at all. She lays her skinny frame down and splits her own legs, prepping for a pussy pounding first in mish followed by RCG and doggie. Her tiny clit stands at attention in a manner very similar to her little raisin tipped tits, as she handles the pounding like a pro. He flips her back to mish, finishing her off with a creamy load plastered against her dark brown pubic patch and pointy raisins. She lays freshly fucked and completely motionless. Mika is a cute young thing with high hopes of being even prettier than she already is. She makes a wish to become more beautiful and get lots of attention from cool guys. Her wish comes true, as a long-haired, skinny J-stud appears, ready to show her how truly pretty girls like to play. He starts with her small but nicely rounded tits. The slightest touch gets her engine revving, at the same time her furry fuck box starts to sweat. He chows down on her juicy hole with his tongue, but a straw may have come in better hand, as she excretes globs of J-nectar from her pretty Asian flower. She timidly starts to lick his body down and slowly works her way to his shaft, as this inexperienced teenager quickly learns what to do with a hard cock in her mouth. She deep sucks his larger than normal shaft, as she fingers her own fuck box. She jumps on top and works his pole in and out of her seldom used tunnel, learning more and more with every thrust of his uncovered phallus. Her body goes limp and her face turns red, as he offloads her very first mouth-load and face full of cum. Manami is a hot chick in a mini jean skirt and a red tank top with no bra. It is cold and rainy outside and her nipples are reacting positively. She is young , cute and bubbly, giggling as she uses her feet to massage a cock for the first time. Her small teen titties are chocolate colored and rock hard. Her pink panties show signs of pussy stain as her body starts to heat up. Her fleshy pussy lips are surrounded by a natural dark forest. He uses a vibrator to massage her clit, warming her up for one of her first blowjobs which she performs very nicely. She takes long and deep strokes with her mouth, sometimes stopping to gag and choke a bit on his chubby. She leaves her miniskirt on and hops on top for a bareback ride. The two go through several positions and two cumshots; one on her leg and one deep inside her orange colored slice. He picks globs of his own jizz out of her pussy as she keeps on giggling. Sakurako just turned 20 and recalls her first sexual experience when she was 14. She has massive F cup tits, sexy thick lips, dark pretty eyes, and somewhat of a bitchy attitude to go along with it all. She claims to like sex a lot and gets off when her clit is massaged and her tits are licked. She has a thick juicy ass for a J-girl, which lead to very thick thighs that are well designed for sucking up cock with. She gets a round with Kenzaki, the veteran Japanese pro who has an intense underarm fetish. He examines her pits, finding plenty of week old stubble. Kenzaki manhandles her mammaries and softens her up a bit before moving on to her wildly hairy J-beaver. He spreads her big thighs open, showing off a tiny pink pussy surrounded by a messy black field of unkempt grass. He licks her bright red clit and prepares it for an ultra large and high-powered Japanese vibrator. As is the case with most girls facing Kenzakis vibrator, she can not resist as squirt starts to build and she cums in multiples. Her sap filled hole is prime breeding ground for Kenzaki who begins to plug away at it as her huge boobies shake and spin in circles. They go in mish, cg, rcg and doggie, as Kenzaki gets her J- jugs bouncin every which way they possibly can. He plugs and chugs away, finally offloading a healthy one all over her pretty face. She licks his shaft clean as cum drips from her chin. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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