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I'm Camera Shy #3
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Asian
Pornstars: Neon Kanda

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Shyness is a virtue that many girls possess and cuteness comes in many forms. I'm Camera Shy showcases the quiet, yet passionate type of all Natural Japanese girl. Neon is a young and very pretty little 21 year old. She loves cats and can even communicate with cats; she says. She is a little shy but her own pussy cat is ready for some heavy petting. She showers first, giving us our first glance at her slim body, chocolate brown pointy nipples and furry little J-beaver. She scrubs her pussy clean and then changes into a Santa suit for some fun. Sucking cock is fun, as her feline instincts take over; licking, swallowing and working his shaft over well. Her tits and fuck hole are both highly sensitive to the touch, and a big vibrator as well. She moans like a kitten as mating season begins and her furry feline gets pumped full of cock. They go at it in several positions and several parts of the room before she gets some milk spattered all across her chest and down her side. Miyuki is a pale young thing with a few extra kilos on her bones and somewhat of a nerdy face. She has an overbite with big boobies and a flabby tummy. She is very shy as she strips her lingerie off. Her nipples are puffy and pink and very sensitive to the touch. She sucks cock like a first timer, focusing on the tip of our guys cock, both in and out of the shower. What this chick lacks in the looks department she certainly makes up for in the first timer arena, as she earns herself a sticky one, landed right on her chubby belly and thick pubic patch. Itsuka is young and bubbly. She talks like a robot as she discusses her sex life. She starts to loosen up a bit as she realizes it's time to get naked. Her tan and very tight body is topped with two smaller, yet very well shaped breasts. Her J-bush is thick and her ass is tight and tiny too. She showers and readies her hairy hole for a purple vibrator that gets her juices flowing. Her pussy lips spread and her clit swells, as her pussy's inner workings start to slush up. She handles her first time on tape well, as she works our dude's cock over and earns herself a thick one all over her firm boobs. Mai is very quiet and shy and in search of money. She is willing to do what it takes to earn some quick. She is willing to work as a lingerie model on the side but is quickly talked into getting nude and sucking some J-cock and balls. Her long hair and white skin are pretty and her body very tight. Her panties are wet with the thought of her new part time job. Her hairy bush covers her thick lipped vagina, but our guy quickly finds it filled with fresh J-sap. She showers, sucks some cock and spreads her wings, as she is successful at her new career cleaning cum loads from her entire body and thick pubic forest. Bonus scenes- Neon's Masturbation- she dresses up like Santa and gets herself off solo. Itsuka's Masturbation- Itsuka uses a mini pocket rocket to get herself off hard. Young fresh new Japanese girls. First time on film. All natural and all cute in their own ways. These first timers get big cum loads.

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