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Teen Ladyboys
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual

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Teen Ladyboys back
Teen Ladyboys front


There is little doubt who brings the hottest Authentic Ladyboy action to film. Third World Media has been doing this for a very long time; however in the history of our efforts, we have yet to gather the cutest and hottest young Schoolgirl Ladyboys on camera. These 4 cuties make real girls cry, as their eroticism, sexuality, prowess and hard cum-filled cocks make for quite an after school treat!!! Yo is our smokin' hot cover Tranny- she took a detour on her way home from school today to visit with some nice foreign men staying in Bangkok. These guys have her strip from her plaid mini skirt and unleash her huge boobs from within her sexy bra. Her long hair and pretty eyes are very deceiving, until the guys work their way further downward; uncovering her squeaky clean nutbag and stiff 7 inch pudgy wiener. Her thick lips inhale Allan's cock, as her pretty BJ face turns hungry as Allan's hard cock fills her asshole. Her cock flops and dangles as she uses Allan's cock to satisfy her anus and deep need for a large cum load on her big boobies. This is more than enough to get her chubby even harder and ready to spill a healthy load of potent young Thai tranny cum all over herself. First, is the second hot T-girl to model for Allen and Dimitri with her school girl clothes on. Her long hair, sexy makeup, and mini skirt may cover up her boyish side, but her tiny titties and stiff 6 incher with pink penis head, give away her secret. She rubs and tugs on her boy toy, as Allan introduces himself to this teenager by cramming his cock in her mouth. She sucks cock well and handles it up her bunghole even better. She moans and groans like a girl and rides shaft in her chute just like the older girls do. She musters up a small, but sticky one on her thick pubic patch and then readies her ass and nutsack for some of Allan's potent falang seed. Mot has long legs and a super model-type body. Her skin is milky white and her hair very long. This youngster is still learning the ways of the Ladyboy, but is picking things up quickly. Her tiny chocolate coated nipple tips are perky, as her mouth and throat open wide to swallow Allen's entire cock and ball sack too. Her wiener may be small, but its foreskin is thick and it stands at attention just like the little soldier it is. Her tiny ding dong stands at half mast, as Allen pounds her out in several positions, finally spraying a nice one between her budding breasts. She uses Allen's cum as lube to cough up a small one from deep inside her thick penis cover. Nene is very cute with her sailor blue's on. She sounds and looks just like a Japanese chick; only in a Thai Ladyboy version. Her hair and makeup are nice, matching her baby face very well. She has perfect skin tone and pretty long legs too, Her tits are small and hormonal, yet her whanker is nicely sized, stiff and ready for some English lessons. She strokes her chubby, while Allen fills her young mouth with some hard white meat. This youngster knows how to suck cock and appears to have been doing it now for quite some time. She licks balls and deep throats Allen's big knob, before hopping on for a ride in RCG, doggie and spoon; before Allen pulls out to jack one off on her hairless sack and nuts. His cream acts as lube that gets this little girl's penis workin; as she squeezes out a couple of globs to mix together with Allen's. The Hottest and Youngest School Girl Ladyboys!!! All Models are a Solid 10!!! Interracial White Guys on Young Beautiful Thai Ladyboys!!! PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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