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Teen Japan #8

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The word "shirouto" in Japanese means "first timer" or "amateur". All the girls in Teen Japan #8 are true first timers to video. These girls are young, sweet, totally natural and 100% real. Nozomi Kahara is our covergirl for this installment. She is super cute with a pretty smile and a perfect body. Her tits are not big but not too small either, with nipples that are puffy and responsive to stimuli, as our guy tugs and tweaks on them. She keeps her J-bush clean and well within the border of her white panty line, but as her tidy whiteys drop, her soft J-grass is seen lightly coating her warm and moist J-box. We introduce her to the super J-vibe, which she grabs for control of and warms her pretty slice. She quivers and shakes and cums before swallowing the J-rod and taking a quick shower. She continues on the bed, nibbling on ball sack and gash gobbling hard cock with her schoolgirl dress on. She takes a good bareback ride, as her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices. Our guy leaves her some fresh juice too; in the form of a giant cream pie that fills and then flushes out of her pretty J-slit. Haruka Ohsawa is so young and still wears her baby fat well. She is a perfect doll with a baby face, big eyes and long dark hair. Her thighs are still thick with just the right amount of skin buldging from around her white panty line. Her boobs are ginormous Japanese models, which are soft and sensitive to the touch. Her perfectly formed J-slice is very well maintained, with just a little hair on top and completely symmetrical pussy lips on both sides. It is filled with warm juice that quickly spills, as 2 fingers and then the super J-vibe come in close contact. Her tit nipples stand on end, as she starts to squeak and pant, only quieted with a stiff cock down her throat. Her clitoris starts to grow as we cram her full of cock and she orgasms over and over. Her beautiful tits bounce as she rides the hog and earns a large cum dumping inside her pretty flower. He pulls out slowly, letting all the cream rush out on its own. He later squeezes and manipulates her pussy lips, letting all the trapped semen flow freely. Makoto Kurosaki is so cute in her schoolgirl dress. She is quite "Genki" or happy and does not mind talking about sex at all. She has big eyes and a bit of a dumb look on her face. She has high white socks on and standard issue schoolgirl panties. Her pubic hair is thick and dark and is slightly apparent even with her undies on. She uses a tiny pink vibrator to get herself going, which gets her nipples to stand stiff and some juice to moisten her J-crease. This girls slice is rare in the center with a pretty fur-lined moat stretching as far south as her anus. She baths and sucks wang in the tub, before heading back to the bed and licking some man ass as well. She works the cock inside herself, quickly foaming and readying for the job ahead. She gets a cock and the super J vibe at the same time, which proves too much as she orgasms and then awaits a thick cum pooling deep inside her. Like thick cream cheese, it slowly drains from inside her, as he picks the remainder out with his finger. Reina is a totally natural real amateur college student. She is Plain Jane and simple but very cute overall. She is quite serious and does not smile much either, but her nipple tips do seem to have something to say, as they perk to attention and say "Konnichi-wa." She starts to loosen up too, as we pull of her panties exposing her fully shaven J-hole, which is meaty, puffy and very warm and moist inside. A small vibrator warms her bottom as a J-pole handles her mouth, as she slowly and erotically sucks cock, swallow balls and licks a little bunghole too. Despite being quiet, this girl is very skilled in the sack, pleasing her man before laying back and handling a solid J-ramming. Her tiny tits and tight body flex as our guy fills her puffy puss full of thick cum. Her J-flower gobbles most of it up and spills nothing out until our guys skilled fingers manages to dig some up and extract it. She showers and masturbates her hairless hole and plays with her tiny tits with the super J-vibe. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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