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J-Girls Dress Up Fantasy #2
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Japanese
Pornstars: Ai Okada, Mao Miyazaki, Rin Yazawa

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One of the biggest genres within CosPlay is the schoolgirl uniform. Japan is the home to CosPlay and no where in the world do schoolgirl uniforms look cuter than they do here. J-Girls Dress Up Fantasy #2 shows us a group of fresh, young Japanese girls who like putting on their schoolgirl clothes almost as much as they do taking them off. Mao Miyazaki has a pretty face with buck teeth. She has a silly giggle and a perverted personality. She likes to be hard fucked and likes a little pain too. She loves sucking cock and handles the one we feed her with extreme professionalism. She licks it and gnaws at it before opening up her white school blouse and giving us a peak at her pointy nipple tips and healthy sized J-rack. Between her legs and spilling out of school panties is a wild Japanese forest stretching from far above her slice to far below her asshole. Behind her fur is a fleshy and meaty J-hole, pre-lubed with high quality J-sap. The Japanese giant super vibrator gets Mao to the boiling point fast. She showers and cools down before laying back and letting her monster J-vag swallow up his cock. She gets jammed super hard, before her puffy muff su cks up a large offering of cum; which slowly drains from inside her as her pussy starts to un-swell. Rin Yazawa is young and very cute with a feisty personality. She looks like a little mouse with long hair and small face. Her skin is ultra white with the exception of her pinkish brown nipples and albacore colored J-fish. She shaves her J-bush short, which helps with the amount of stimulation she feels from the super vibe. She rinses her pretty body off off in the shower, before laying back on the bed and awaiting a bareback stuffing. Her pussy starts to puff as she rides the cock on top, bottom and from the side as well. She vaginally swallows a thick, white load of jizz that drains from her flower and drips to her ass. Reiko is tall and pretty with short hair and a unique look about her. Her skin if soft and silky and between her legs her J-clam is alive and sweating its sweet juices. Her tits are soft and squishy and her nipples are hard and pointy. Her J-box has a small but thick patch of soft J-grass on top with the puffy sides very well maintained. Thick slush fills her hole as our guy pokes his finger and applies the super vibe on her. She sucks his wang well with her mouth before sucking it up very well with her slice. She works it around well inside her before handling a hefty load dumped deep inside her J-flower. It dribbles out as she thanks him for the good fucking. Ai Okada looks a little stupid but is cute as a button. She appears spaced out or off in lala land as our guy interviews her. She has been sexless for a long time despite having nice lips and big buck teeth for sucking cock with. She gets busy on our cock and balls too, licking, sucking and chewing his bag too. Her tits are larger models with firm softness and active nipple tips. Her J-clam is hungry for cock and appears red and raw and ready for any challenge. It quickly fills with J-juice that foams and slushes as he pokes away at her grass lined J-cave. He builds to a furious finish, blowing globs of thick cum inside her. It pools in the grass between her box and bung, before she heads to the bath to pluck the rest out with her fingers as she masturbates in the shower. PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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