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Teeny Tiny Thai Twigs
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual - Asian
Pornstars: Darren Morgan

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Girl cocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are the much publicized large shlongs but very few ever focus on the tiny ones. Teeny Tiny Thai Twigs introduces us to young hot Ladyboys whose penis is barely bigger than a clit but offer foreign men a less painful alternative to being poked by a fat one in their poopers. Nay is cuter than most real girls. She is 20 and 100% convincing as a real girl, with lusciously large boobs, long hair, good English skills and a living Thai twig residing between her 2 long legs. Allen folds her cock shaft up within her ball sack, virtually making it disappear until it breaks out of its fold and flops slightly to the left. Her perfectly formed butt cheeks hide her silky smooth anus which Allen exploits with his significantly larger penis. Her penis is like a stiff toothpick in Allens mouth, which is more accustomed to sucking up much larger wangs. He uses his own foreskin to swallow her entire shaft with before stuffing her tight ass and slamming the shit out of it in several positions. Her twig remains floppy and loose throughout, until she 2 finger jerks it and gives up a watery one in Allans mouth and on his chest. He finishes her off by pasting a massive batch on her tongue and all around her mouth. She takes a bath to clean herself up. Benz is a go-go bar dancer. She is tall and pretty with big tits and a puny cock. She is a bit shy with a sweet smile and smooth nutbag. Her cock is a tiny Thai pink-tipped ant eater already loaded with pre-cum. Allan and Benz kiss cock tips before he swallows her tiny wang up with his foreskin and then cleans his teeth with her skinny sword. He splits her butt cheeks and hard rams her shitter, as her pretty cock flops in circles, before stiffening up to let a milky one fly across her mid section. Allan licks the entire cum pile up, plus squeezes all the remaining out of her dick tip, before readying himself to blast one in her face and mouth. She licks it all up before showering clean again. Aor is only 19 with long dark hair and a very pretty face. She is all natural with puffy brown hormone tits and a medium sized wanker. Its not the smallest we have ever seen but certainly not the largest either. Allan massages it with his hands and next with his mouth, swallowing the entire twig and her ballsack too. They sword fight and compare the elasticity of each others foreskins, before Allan punctures her seal and goes to work on her shit sweaty ass. Her tiny cock stays hard from beginning to end and makes its way up Allan's ass, as she pumps his shit and strokes his dick at the same time. She pulls out, straddles Allans face and tosses off a triple blast of watered down cum right into his mouth. It dribbles down his chin as he sucks the remaining out of her tip and fires one off all over her face. He kisses her and laps up his own cum too with his tongue. Cherry is a very exotic looking Thai Ladyboy with a very skinny, yet deceptively long and Fat headed Thai elephant trunk between her legs. Her tits are all natural, puffy and growing large on their own with the help of her girly hormones. She says she has not had sex for 1 year and by the bulging veins on her shaft she appears to be extremely horny. Allan gobbles her rod with his foreskin and next with his mouth, before plugging her chute and brutalizing her anus. She violently jerks and spits up a cum missile that lands on Allan's chest. He pulls out and leaves her with a face-full to remember him by, as cum foams and dribbles down her chin. She showers and says goodbye.

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