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Little Asian Transsexuals #17
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual - Asian
Pornstars: Darren Morgan

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Little Asian Transsexuals #17 is the very special and very sudsy Ladyboy Soapland Edition! Lots of slip and slide make it easy for our guy and the ladies to lay it out totally Bareback. These Thai Trannies perform the full body rub down with a little extra stimulation for the inside of our mans anus. Dan is a foreign born Thai and a very handsome young man, with a curious fascination with Ladyboys and bath tubs. Whenever he visits Bangkok he makes sure to familiarize himself with the hottest new ladyboy clubs. This time he has decided to focus on girls who have studied the art of the Japanese Soapland. These talented beauties use all their gifts to body massage Dan before ripping him a new asshole. His first T-girl on this trip is Barbie; a rather tall Ladyboy with long hair, long legs and plump tits. Dan changes into a robe and waits for Barbie to prepare him a bath in her bikini. She bathes him in the bath as she gives him a peek of her 7 inch completely hairless dong. Dan is not shy about what he likes and attacks her shaft as she washes his body clean. Her ball bag is tight and her flag pole stands at attention the entire time her butt cheeks are busy swallowing Dans cock. Her soapy tits stand firm on her chest and lots of suds help her and Dan avoid any unwanted friction as they grind shafts. She thoroughly works his cock over before shoving it bareback up her own soft shitter. Her butthole may be soft but her foreskin laden cock is always hard and ready to get Dans colon in shape for the new year. She strokes his ass while massaging his ball bag and pulls out, to tug one out while he finishes off her ass. She musters up a massive cum glob that first shoots over her shoulder and then up and down her pretty chest and deep inside her cleavage. Dan finishes this chick off with a respectable load he lands near the tip of her tattered Thai noodle. They shower together before he says goodbye. Dan heads back to his favorite place where he find Patti. He orders up some of the same Soapland treatment he had with Barbie. Patti is tall and very skinny with long legs and a flat chest. Her face is pretty and her smile very natural, while her hog is hairless and her mouth is cock hungry. She soaps and washes Dans body down, paying special attention to cram her stiff 6 incher into Dans from time to time, playing a Thailand version of Chinese handcuffs. Her pink tip peeks from behind its foreskin curtain as her butt cheeks swallow his nuts and rod. She switches to her mouth which sucks Dans cock nicely, but Dans oral orifice is also pretty talented, as he peels Pattis skin back and takes a large serving of her cock. He mounts her ass and rams her good before her turn comes to show Dan her more manly side. She splits Dans legs wishbone style and rips his anus wider than it was ever stretched before. They switch back to Dan doing the doggie before the two toss themselves off. Patti cums in authentic volcano style, as cum flows like lava from the depths of her foreskin walls, before Dan offloads strongly on her neck. They shower together as Dan washes her tiny tits and scrubs his own cum away. Dan comes back for more the next day. This time he gets Jessica, a whiter skinned, tall tranny who speaks good English. Her polka dot bikini covers her prettiest parts, but her two well shaped tits and ultra ripe Thai banana just waiting to get peeled. She hugs Dan and uses her body to shower and bath him. She uses her tits to clean the outer edges of his wang as she fucks his cock with her tits. They join forces as their wieners rub together and touch tips. She gets lots of suds going on her own tits as well as Dans hard dong, which slips and slides its way throughout the different cracks on her body. She mounts Dans dick and pounces on it in Cowgirl like a cock crazy tranny. She fucks the shit out of his dick while her dong slaps Dans chest with every pump and hip thrust she gives. Dan lays her out and strokes her ass slow for a moment as she works up a small one before Dan prepares to offload a creamy one on her ass and nut bag. They shower together and clean up each others cum before Dan says goodbye to yet another Ladyboy Soapland Slut. Nadia is the last tranny in the soapland that Dan visits. He tells her it is his first time but we do not think she was fooled. This Ladyboy is a a little less lady and a bit more boy; or man if you will... She is strong and somewhat muscular with long eye lashes, a flat chest and an overwhelming appetite to devour Dans cock. She washes his wang and then soaps him down, covering his body with soapy suds. Her cock and ass take care of his lower extremities while her hands work over his upper body. Nadia may not be very pretty but she really is horny, as her 7 inch plus dong and tight scrotum say Sawadee to Dans donger. Her thick shaft fills Dans mouth as Nadia fucks his face from on top. She mounts his shaft and jerks her bird while riding him in RCG. She makes funny faces and silly sounds as Dan is in the driver seat and then gets loopy as she fucks Dans now very well torn up tush. There must be some Yaba in this trannies diet as she puts on a real show, before blasting a big one up and down her chest and somewhere into her own hair. Dan liked this chick a lot, and got a huge one off right on top of her load, mixing the two batches together for quite an impressive puddle. They shower and she helps Dan change before saying goodbye.

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