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Gia Darling's Italian Transsexual Job #8
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual
Pornstars: Gia Darling

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Italy is a comfortable place for a transsexual to call home. With so many beautiful people around, the worlds prettiest shemales blend seamlessly into a society that circles around fashion and style. Marcella is tall and sexy with long legs, long hair, dark eyes, thick lips, fat tits and a very plump and healthy pepperoni swinging between her muscular thighs. She grooms her entire penis region and keeps it hairless and clean, giving us a clear glimpse of the thick vein which pumps the blood into her shaft. She shares some champagne with her Italian stallion before dropping his fly and stuffing her face with his salami. She anally devours his cock as her helicockter spins out of control, preparing for take off. He spreads her bore and pulls out spraying large quantities of cum on her big tits. Livia is short and brunette with pretty natural tits topped with puffy nipples. She is a real girl with a slightly hairy snatch and an appetite for cock; whether from a real guy or a tranny. Giovanna is that tranny, who is tall and blonde with big round tits, tight mid-section and a hot dominatrix look about her. Her stiff wienie nearly rips from her leather bikini as Livia and their mutual man friend Mario start to stimulate her. Livia handles both cocks at the same time, needing to work a bit harder on Livia's larger sized model. Mario makes Giovanna suck his ball sack while she strokes her long hard stiffy and Livia fingers her own cunt. Giovanna taps Livia's puss long stroking it from behind while Mario gets his penis sucked on. Mario takes a stab at Giovanna's ass while her shaft stiffens, spins and points to the sky. He next works on Livia, plugging her from behind while Livia sucks on Giovanna's zucchini. They both dispatch heavy batches of cream that flow down Livias pretty chest. Michelly has golden skin, long hair and a fat set of tits. She is wearing a short patent leather dress with a zipper from top to bottom on the front. As the zipper drops, out come her firm breasts and next her nearly hairless and chubby dong with a hard left hook. Her new Italian man friend lets it poke at the inside of his mouth as he gnaws on it like a piece of candy. She hops on his ride and works it real hard, causing her dong to flop, spin and helicockter around. He splits her shit in several positions and sucks on her fatty as well, before she tears off a pasty one on her tight abs. He rips one that splatters her face and fills her mouth too. Priscilla is summoned by the big boss. She comes into his office wearing a tiny mini skirt showing off her very long legs, suntanned skin, big round tits and skinny phallus. She towers over both the big boss and his assistant too, putting them on their knees and making them suck her cock. The skinny dicked Italians cram her ass and her face and watch as her mini fur lined ant eater retreats to its cave and does not resurface again until she musters up a stringy one and the guys paint her in bright white Italian jizz juice.

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