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Oriental Rugs #2

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Carpets in Japan tend to be better made than their foreign counterparts. The long-silky, soft-threaded, fur-lined carpets that once warmed the soft slices of the majority of J-babes, are slowly being mowed down and exchanged for hairless Asian clams. But here at Third World Media, with our dedication to the art of preservation, have hope that the glory days of traditional Oriental Rugs are still ahead of us. Sakura Anna is 24 and very cute. She is not shy about her daily routine of self pleasure and she does not currently have a boyfriend either. What she does have though is a high end, hand-sewn, organically grown, Japanese-made Oriental rug laying between her legs. She sucks our J-knob nicely, slowly slobbering its tip and nibbling at the shaft. Her tits are medium in size but are capped with 2 fat headed nipple stumps. Her J-hole comes pre-lubed and ready for use, but only after a long journey through her fuzzy jungle. The super J-vibe gets her off hard, squirting and dripping organic J-juice that she herself enjoys a small taste of. She goes cross-eyed as she sucks some cock in the bathtub, before laying on her back and letting a stiff J-rod blaze a trail through her thick brush. It pulls out, but only after depositing a thick load of gooey cum that slowly drains to her hairy and hard puckering asshole. Miyuki Nakajima is a doll. She has a baby face, cute smile and big eyes. Her boobs are large-sized Japanese models with plenty of bounce to them. Her pretty pink nipples quickly harden, as her well maintained J-puss gets finger jammed. Precious J-sap starts to flow from inside her, as we feed her some cock to settle things down a bit. She spit shines his rod, then takes a shower to clean her furry muff up, before laying down on her back to get dirty again. Her pussy puffs and begins to loosen up and open wide. She has a large pussy and big lips that flap from side to side. They spread open wide for the J-shaft and manage to keep it sucked up deep inside her for a long time. He dumps a large glob of cum inside her and it quickly flushes out and down to her butt. As he picks away at the inside of her pussy even more flows out and heads south bound. Yuri Aine has a huge smile and a really cute demeanor. She is looking for something different than her boyfriend who does not really know how to satisfy her. She came for some fun and sexual satisfaction. She slowly licks and sucks on our guys cock and gently licks his ball sack too. She is so good she earns herself a premature mouthful of cum which she fully swallows. She has perfectly formed tits and a soft hair lined pussy with strands that stretch all the way to her anus. Her pubes stand on end, as our guy extracts gooey globs of J-juice. She gets the Japanese super vibe applied to her hole, which spits even more J-sap out of her. She screams and succumbs to the J-vibes power, before laying back and taking a hard J-dick for a wild ride. She loves it and earns a thick dripping, bubble- filled, cum-glob in her hole. It collects between her pussy and ass, clinging to her long soft J-grass. Kana Fujishiro looks like an animation character. She is wearing a short school type dress with no underwear on. Her dark black furry J-hole has wild hair growing out of control. That hair covers up a raw red vaginal interior, that is puckering as it readies for a feeding. She has small tits with responsive nipples and her fuck slice is quick to fill with its own special sauce. Her furry muff glistens, as sap clings to each hair follicle. She gets the back of her throat fucked, before laying back for a piece of J-pipe in her hairy hole. She works it all around inside her, tightens her mid section and readies for a sticky cum dumping inside. Her furry monster gobbles up all the cum, leaving very little for our guy to pick out of her. Her cum drenched sappy pubes cling to her ass and inner legs as she heads to the shower.

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