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Teeny Tiny Thai Twigs #2
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual - Asian
Pornstars: Darren Morgan

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Teeny Tiny Thai Twigs pack a lot of protein into a little bit of space. The girls cocks may be tiny, but they are stuffed with fresh Ladyboy liquid that flows with ease... Anna has long legs, a slender frame and a very pretty smile. She has very long eyelashes, perfectly nice teeth and a well manufactured set of tranny tits with dark stubby tips on the end. Her tiny twig hibernates between her long thighs and is kept warm by a thick covering of long, dark, silky Thai grass. At less than 3 inches and coated in thick foreskin, it makes for a tasty treat for Allen, who nibbles her nuts and than easily swallows her enter toothpick. They cock dock, sword fight and then Allen goes to work on her sphincter. Her tiny ding dong flops a bit as her ass gets crammed and Allen sucks her cock until she wrenches off a respectable one that Allen sniffs and licks. Allen finishes her off with a massive facial that clings from her forehead, nose and lips. She showers, changes, hides her peanut and goes. Gift is a brunette with a pretty face, sexy smile, long dark hair, natural hormonal tits and a skinny Thai twig, with a funky bend in it that easily stiffens with a small stroke or two. Pre-cum drains like sap from its tip as her chubby ball bag bounces while she whacks the whole thing around. Allen finds the dramatic bend in her twig interesting and quickly examines its functionality inside his mouth. They kiss dick tips and share a little foreskin fun before she eases her shit hole onto his shaft. Things start to loosen up as her ass starts to sweat and her Siam sausage starts to get stroked. She musters up a small and watery one that pools in her foreskin walls before Allen leaves her with a face-full and chestful of imported cum. She washes all the cum away, changes and leaves. Bell has little trouble hiding her tiny Thai twig and she has little trouble getting it stiff when she needs to either. She is a dancer in Bangkok with a pretty smile, small tits and an ass hungry for cock. She knows how to suck a cock and so does Allen, who maxes out her tiny twig as he deep inhales it and runs some of her pubic bush like dental floss through his teeth. He bottoms out in a shallow part of her shit box and manages to keep her stubby hard the entire time. She squeezes her tool hard and chokes off a healthy one before taking Allen's load all across her face. She showers, changes and says goodbye. Ploy used to be a boy but now she dances and lives as a young pretty girl. Her tits are small and natural hormonal types and her Thai tamale is foreskin wrapped and stuffed with extra sauce. Allen rubs and tugs her tiny twig before he shoves it in his mouth and knobs up and down its tiny erect frame. They cock dock and kiss tips as Allen uses his own foreskin to swallow up her much smaller tool. Her Siam salami is stiff and her Thai tush is small and tight until it opens wide to say Sawadee to an imported white cock. Her anus gobbles up Allen's shaft as she jumps around like a Thai fuck monkey on a pole. She moves her hips fast and flops her tiny ding dong up and down in search of some Thai peanut sauce. She gets fucked long and very hard and finally drains a tiny cum puddle which barely clears the tip of her own pee hole. Allen coats her young face with a thick and creamy batch of cum before she showers it all off and out of her shriveled ant eater tip. DVD Features: Shot in HD

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