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Teen Brazil #10

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As the world turns its attention to Brazil and the upcoming Olympic games and world cup soccer as well, many are taking notice of the beautiful young women that blanket this South American country. There are many Brazilian teens that have the innate ability to satisfy a cock from a young age. Barbara is a white-skinned Brazilian babe with long dark hair, a round and pronounced booty and a young baby face. She slowly strips naked as she has some pictures taken by a cameraman. He has had enough photo taking and would rather eat her hairless cunt and pink labia. She inhales large chunks of his cock in her mouth and spit shines his dick tip with her tongue. He plunges her pussetta, feeds her a taste of her own freshly fucked cunt and finally coats her entire body with a high flying triple cum rocket that clings from her tits. She showers, changes and leaves. Leona is very young and cute too with an all natural body, tight mid-section and a pretty smile. She lays down for some pictures, which slowly progress into complete nude shots.. Her Brazilian box is shaven and moist and all-to-familiar with the taste of cock rolling in and out of it. She works her tan buttocks loose and hops onto his pipe, building up speed, as she gets her slice spanked with a piece of hard Brazilian beef. She works her hips and stares into his eyes, as her ass gobbles up his ramrod and earns a creamy splattering across it. She showers and leaves. Fabiane Delaveigh is tall and thick with just the perfect amount of meat on her bones... Her shirt and jeans are skin tight and her smile is sweet. She comes for a photo shoot which quickly progresses into an all-nude and all-out fuck fest. Her thick ass and hairless hole glaze the cameraman's face, as he licks and savors her freshness from the inside out. She preps her thighs and hips and loads herself onto his pipe; riding and shaking her hips as she goes. Her pussy gets pounded and pumped and her little titties shakes, as she does some PTM and takes a load straight in her face. She showers and changes and goes home. Patricia Kimberly is a rare blonde in a country of many brunettes. Her hair is long and curly and this chick is all natural. She is tall and slender and has a tight body and an equally tight pussy with the smallest of runway strips on top. A fashion shoot turns into a hardcore fuck fest as her meaty pussy lips get gobbled up by our cameraman and her mouth inhales his massive monopod, nearly to the point of gagging on it. Her sphincter puckers as her pussy gets crammed, opening wider and wider as our cameraman makes mince meat of her pussy hole. She rubs her clit and does some PTM, before her wide open shit box becomes home to a Brazilian made baseball bat. She cums over and over again as her asshole is stretched to its limits and her ass gets painted with a massive batch of cum. She showers all the DNA away and says goodbye. DVD Features: Shot in HD PRODUCERS OF THE TITLE ASSERT ALL MODELS ARE OVER 18

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