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Ladyboy Longlegs #2
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual - Asian
Pornstars: Darren Morgan

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Legs are long and cocks are scraping thighs, as the Ladyboys of Thailand cruise the back streets of tourist hotspots looking for a handsome foreign man to spend some time with. Minny has legs that are very long and skinny. She is wearing a pink maid uniform with lace stockings and big bulge under her dress. Instead of cleaning she starts stroking and when the British man staying in that room comes back, she is forced to apologize by ramming her dick-tip up and inside of his foreskin. His cock gobbles up her long haired Thai Orangutan before his lips swallow her semi stiff Siam salami. She destroys his shaft with her mouth first and next with her ass. They do 69 and she fucks his face; slamming her hairy gorilla deep down this blokes throat. He sucks her furry nuts, rims her hair-lined anus, long strokes her ass, flops her cock and gets her to muster up a large sloppy batch that our English friend enjoys as a tasty Thai dessert. He rubs the cum through her woolly mammoth and then paints his all over her face. She showers and changes and gets back to work. Katie comes to give a massage to a foreign traveler with some lower back pain. She starts her massage, playing close attention to his buttocks and his throbbing knob. She starts to take off her clothes and reaches for the KY jelly, as she puts her big tits and soft lips to work massaging his stiffy. Her own chubby peaks from behind her panties and quickly docks it with his, kissing tips and swapping pre-cum. Her cock is small but solid and hairless too, and her ass is small and tight and not easily tapped. More KY is used and he breaks through her seal, stabbing, stroking and sliding through her girl canal. Her cock never sleeps and finally after a 8000 rpm high speed stroking, manages to unleash a high flying shemale saline solution, before he coats her entire face with globs of jism. Jackie came to give Allen a cooking lesson. She will make him traditional Thai soup. When they look for something to stir the soup with Jackie's cock comes in handy and first stirs the tonsils in the back of his throat before she sucks up his English noodle with her mouth. He plugs her bottom and pumps away at her cock hungry shitter. He drives her penis into a frenzy and gets her ass to sweat buckets as he pounds her from top to bottom, before she dribbles all over the base of her own hairless hog. Allen twists one out, coating the same area her cum lies. She showers and cleans all the cum up. Rita is a very pretty and exotic Thai tranny with long legs, dark hair, super pretty face and the furriest cock, ball bag, inner thighs and ass crack that we have yet to seen. Her new foreign friend says 'sawadee' to her weenie as he works the tip and the shaft of her dark fur-lined fuck stick. They cock dock and kiss tips and and as he smacks down her hairy garden of eden, her cock begins to flop as the hair stretching across her thighs stands on end. Her ass begins to sweat as it gets pumped and pounded and her penis sprays ample amounts of fluid across her chest after an intense high speed stroke session. She gets a face-full of imported cum before showering and leaving. DVD Features: Shot in HD

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