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Little Asian Transsexuals #21
Studio: Third World Media Categories: Transsexual - Asian
Pornstars: Darren Morgan

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Similar to progress in technology, progress in Ladyboys has been on a fast pace for several years now. The distinction between boy and girl is quickly fading, as many Ladyboys are now even prettier than their "real girl" counterparts. Nadia is a tall and skinny T-girl who is very hot and very horny and very convincing as a real girl. She may in fact be prettier than most real girls too; as she sucks face, swallows cock and jams her own stubby girl cock deep down our guys throat. He tugs on her baby elephant trunk with his mouth before kissing cock tips and swabbing foreskin sheaths. She sits her skinny frame and butt-cheeks down on our Englishman's cock, riding his long stick with her cock flopping and ball sack dangling. She chirps and squeaks and finally squeezes out a sticky one all over his shaft which is still buried up her ass. He pulls out to spray her in the face with a large batch of his own. She showers it all away. Annie has long legs with fishnet stockings on. She has whiter skin and a pretty body with very convincing girlish looks. She is tall with large breasts, solid body frame and thick foreskin shrouding the pink tip of her dick. They kiss tips before mutually sucking on each others wang. She pops a squat on his stiff dick and starts to put her his into action. Her long, hard shaft does cartwheels as she anally swallows his piece. He pumps while she strokes, before she finally spills a series of small cum puddles all over her mid section. He lays his down right on top of that creating a huge stick mess that only a shower can properly flush away. Fiat is cleaning house in a very short 1 piece and red stockings. Her hair is down to her ass and her over-sized Thai sausage is busting from her panties. She has huge tits and a giant mouth which she sucks her mans cock up with before letting him nibble on her own penis a bit. Her cock is a bit floppy but her asshole is ready to gobble up cock. She moans and groans with a girly voice and as her ass foams while gobbling up his dick, she whacks her own thing around, blasting off a thick sticky one that pools in her foreskin. She then sits back to get her face painted full of fresh imported goodness. This cum stained tranny heads to the shower. Simine has a very pretty face and a sexy body too. Her hair is long and slightly bleached, while her long legs are wrapped in fishnet stockings and high heels. She has a one piece dress on that quickly exposes her stubby nipples and overinflated tits. Between her legs resides one of the largest Thai salamis we have ever seen. Long, fat and thick, this pink tipped Thai Tiger is very capable of inflicting major damage on someone. She stands stiff as her ass gets pumped. She strokes her stiffie hard and fast and in a wild frenzy spills a small puddle or jizz on her stomach. She awaits a huge cum splashing across her face and up her nose.... A shower is this girl's only answer for effective clean up. DVD Features: Shot in HD

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