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Hairy In Europe

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Across the European continent, long grassy knolls cover the curvy landscapes of its young hot women. The Europeans know that "all-natural" is the best, and these hairy Euro babes are a fine selection to showcase their continents beauty. Enza is a young, ripe and bodacious Euro chick with dark eyes and longer dark hair. Her tits are huge with giant areola and her Euro grass is long, soft and silky. Between the hair is a moist, pink Euro vag that is ready for a cock to be inserted. She gets what she desires and gets pounded hard while her massive titties flop all around. She moans and groans and lifts her arms high above her head to show off her underarm stubble too, before taking a large cum splashing across the top of her pubic garden. She sucks the cock tip clean and showers and soaps out her very hairy Euro beaver. Jessica Patt has long straight hair and fair white skin. She has a thick Euro rump and tiny ta-tas. She is a European naturalist and prefers to keep her pubic grasses long and untamed. She gets a guy to lick through the brush and to her pink colored, moist Euro slice. Her eyes roll back into her head as she sucks his pole up and down with her moth followed by her cock-hungry pussy too. It gobbles up the shaft we feed it, flexing and riding the pole up and down on autopilot. She does some PTM and takes it deep from behind as well, before having a load of fresh seed scattered across her jungle canopy. She sucks the rest from his tip and then showers and soaps everything; particularly her hairy hole. Barbara Babeurre is our cover girl. She has a baby face and a glowing bright red head of hair. Naturally we wondered if her curtains matched her drapes or not and it takes little time to verify that they actually do. Her white skin is accented with red hair upstairs and downstairs too. She has thick thighs and pointy tits with perky fat nipple heads. She likes her men dark and today gets ready for a extra fat piece of dark African chocolate ding dong to satisfy her. She lays back and gets power stroked by a big brotha that stuffs her red bush hole chock full of black cock. He bottoms out about half way into her tiny hole and slowly stretches her pussy beyond its original elasticity. Her black friend lays a tiny load of cum onto her red pubic patch. She rubs it all in, sucks the rest up and then showers her pretty body clean; soaping, scrubbing and paying special attention to her red Euro fur. Nikitty has a very tight body for a MILF. Her mid section is tight, her tits are natural and perky with giant nipple tips. Her hair is reddish color and her face is very European. Between her legs is a very furry fuck hole, which today gets to invite a giant black dick inside to play. First she sucks it, barely getting the giant tip inside her mouth, before squatting to vaginally swallow the rest. She puts her long legs to work, riding up and down his pole and taking it deep inside her. As deep as she can take it, he still bottoms out half way inside her as he pounds her from behind, top and bottom too. She does some PTM and then takes a small but sticky load of his cum plastered onto her hairy vag hair. She sucks the rest up and then showers and soaps her hairy hole clean. DVD Features: Shot in HD

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